Campaign 2016 Iran Deal Snapchat Story on September 9th, 2015

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The presidential race continues to heat up with the Iran Deal now being the hot topic. It seems every time the candidates hit the road Snapchat is all over it. This is a very smart move for Snapchat as there is huge money flowing into this presidential race. The candidates want to be able to reach the younger voters and the best way to reach them is through their smartphones. Most college students and younger voters get their news and information from Snapchat. Here are a handful of the screenshots I took of Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton.

jeb-bush-garner-nc-snapchat sarah-palin-snapchat donald-trump-iran-deal-snapchat donald-trump-snapchat-2015 hillary-iran-deal-snapchat hillary-clinton-snapchat-iran-deal

While Jed Bush was in Garner, NC being hosted by Morris and Associates, Donald Trump was in Washington, DC telling us we have been led by stupid people. Hillary was a big draw and was the only candidate on the Snapchat story that actually supports the Iran deal.

What do you think about these political Snapchat stories? Are they over the top? Are you getting some valuable information from them?

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