Camper Upgrade Cheat Code or Quick Ways to Level Up

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has been extremely popular for the first week it was available. Diehard Animal Crossing fans want to level up as quickly as possible. Some are searching for Camper upgrade cheat codes or quick ways to level up. The fastest way to level up is to collect an abundance of items; as many as you can hold at one time. This will allow you to fulfill the needs of the animals. You can invite animals to stay in your camp once you have all of their items. If you have hit the “max” friendship level with an animal, you should lock them in your camp; do not send them home.

There are no true ways to get cheat codes so do not think you can go from level 10 to level 25 quickly. It is going to take time. Also, make sure you always pay off your loans.

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