Can I Go Back to the Old Snapchat in February 2018?

On February 6th, 2018, most United States Snapchat users started to notice the “New Snapchat” update. This was the update that was announced back in November 2017 but is just now rolling out. Unfortunately, this update is not something in which the users are excited about. In fact, many want to go back to the old version of Snapchat. Once you see the new Snapchat on your phone, there is no way to go back.

This is something Snapchat has been explaining on their Snapchat Support Twitter account for months now.

Are you frustrated with the newest version of Snapchat? Do you want to go back to the older version of Snapchat in which there is a dedicated Stories screen?

13 thoughts on “Can I Go Back to the Old Snapchat in February 2018?

  1. AMP

    I don’t care for this update.. it’s just more windows to go through to go see what I want.. the older version was much friendlier and not as crowded with the discover part. I don’t care what those random ass people are sharing.. I have spent almost 2-3 hours clicking each one and pressing see less of this.. SO ANNOYED!!

  2. Sophia Scott

    I’m dislike this update so much, I liked it when all the stories where in a row, and you could see who screenshotef it. Also I don’t like how when you got to send something it doesn’t highlight . I honestly think we should go back to the oldest update.

  3. Unhappy

    Uninstalled Snapchat! The new version totally sucks and not worth it.
    What kind of software company can’t roll back an update? Seriously….#FAIL

  4. Rob

    This new update is garbage I loved the old one why I used it everyday! But if this isn’t fixed I’m going to delete it I could careless about what all these people are doing


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