Can You Undo or Delete the February 2018 Snapchat Update?

The “New Snapchat” is officially going out to United States Snapchat users in early February 2018. The first reports of the “new Snapchat rolling out were on February 5th and February 6th. As with those that have received it in the past, most are not pleased with this update. The fact that there is no longer a Stories screen and all friends are jumbled makes it painful. Express your thoughts about the “new Snapchat” here.

When did you first see the new Snapchat? Do you want to go back to the older version? Understand that once your version of Snapchat has been updated, there is no way to go back. Snapchat Support on Twitter has explained this to thousands of Snapchat users.

What do you think of the new update? Do you want to go back to the old version of Snapchat?

30 thoughts on “Can You Undo or Delete the February 2018 Snapchat Update?

  1. Buck

    Super lame I’m done with Snapchat there is no easy way now to get through your stories they no longer disappear once you’ve seen them so you constantly have to keep looking through these jumbled stories

  2. Jack

    Why take away a part of snapchat? Like the story screen? This update is not good, please fix this, I don’t need to see celebrities stories our “IGN Snapchat”. Fix this please.

  3. Hara

    This is by far the worst update ever. I’m usually very good with change but this is very inconvienant and unnecessary. It did not make anything better. Please change Snapchat back.

  4. Brooke Malloy

    I probably won’t use Snapchat as much because I would usually watch stories on the app. Now the story section is filled with a bunch of famous peoples Snapchats and magazines. I cant find any of my friends stories there easily. I liked how the stories were in chronological order but now it is not. I strongly agree that Snapchat changes how the stories are displayed to make it easier for the useres.

  5. J

    it makes absolutely no sense anymore. please switch it back to how it was or at least put the friends in order like it was (most recent to least recent)

  6. Gary

    This update is horrible. Once you have viewed a story and got out you can’t go back and replay the story like before where the stories stayed for 24 hours. Hate it. Go back

  7. Josh

    Anything to get that revenue from these b.s. advertisements that we don’t want to see, am I right Snapchat? What a joke.

  8. Kiersten

    This new update is dumb asl! Nobody know what the hell their doing. Everything is literally gumbled into one screen. It’s like clusterphobic just looking at the thing. And how to add to ur story is dumb and it’s inconvenient.

    1. RIPSnapchat

      i HATE it! Not because I can’t handle change in apps but because this update is just pointless and stupid! They keep fucking up what wasn’t broken in the first place, no one will want to use it anymore especially if we keep having to get these stupid updates that ruin what we actually liked about the app!

  9. Jordan

    Dont like how the stories are with the convos, like the discover page but the stories should be the discover page because i like the square style that actually shows the stories.

  10. yo yo yo

    i have like over 150 streaks, have tons of views & have been working on building my snapchat base for about 3 years now & im here to say IF IT ISN’T FIXED IM DELETING SNAP. WTF? @instagram’s my new fav.

  11. Will

    Worst update ever ! I use snapchat to snap my friends and watch their story’s , now you only have story’s from stupid famous people which i do not care about ?? Useless update and I bet there is money involved ! If they don’t change it back i will quit using snapchat and start using instagram story !

  12. Frederick stevens

    Yo, fix this shot now Snapchat or you’re company will be fucked and we will all go to Instagram. This update is the worst update I’ve ever seen fir any app ever in my life. Fuck I’m so pissed!!!!!!


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