Can You Screenshot on Snapchat without a Notification?

We have all been there. We want to screenshot a private Snapchat picture, video or even a public story but we don’t want the person that sent it to know we screenshotted it. Is screenshotted a word? Well, there is a way to do this with the airplane mode on your iPhone and Android phone. There are a few important steps you will want to take but they are all highlighted in the video below. Take five minutes to watch the video and you will know how to screenshot without the other person getting a notification.

I would try this out with someone you know very well before doing it to someone that you have yet to build trust. The YouTube video is very well done so check it out. You won’t want to tell your friends this secret as they will think you are screenshotting all their snaps without letting them know.

Is this something you will do? Do you think your friends will start using this method to avoid letting you know about screenshots?

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The past tense of screenshot is “screenshat”! 🙂