Canada the Second Country to Get January 2018 “New” Snapchat Update

First it was Australia and now Canada is getting the “New” Snapchat in which users are no longer seeing a Stories screen. On Thursday, January 11th, 2018 many Canadian Snapchat users are reporting seeing the “new” Snapchat app. If you are from Canada and are noticing it for the first time, please comment below with your location and the type of phone you are using.

The biggest change with the new Snapchat is users now have to go to their Friends screen to see stories. This is a huge pain and most users are not very happy. In fact, many are complaining here.

The new Snapchat has not been very popular and when it rolls out into the United States, we are certain there will be a huge uproar. We will keep you posted when that happens.

5 thoughts on “Canada the Second Country to Get January 2018 “New” Snapchat Update

  1. Imane

    I’ve been told about the new layout I East the reviews, I’ve noticed I hadn’t an update for Snapchat and theres no way in hell im updating. Lmao I like watching others snap stories.

    From: London Ontario Canada

  2. Simon

    I’ve been sharing some epic stories on snapchat, from reaching summits of mountains, to traveling Asia… I uninstalled it today. I refuse to have advertisements rammed down my throat.


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