Cape Town Life Snapchat Story on April 27th, 2015

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The Snapchat Life cities tour continues and this time we head to South Africa. On Monday Snapchatters had the opportunity to learn much more about the beautiful city of Cape Town. This is one of the few cities in the world in which locals can enjoy both the mountains and the beach. There were some awesome videos shot of those hiking up in the mountains as well as those sailing on the water. I would love to know more about the city of Cape Town. Feel free to comment below with anything unique about this city. How are the seasons? Does it get really hot? What do you do for entertainment? Here are a few screenshots I took of the Snapchat Story:

cape-town-life-snapchat-story cape-town-brunette-winters-snapchat cape-town-sailing-snapchat cape-town-ocean-snapchat cape-town-mountains-snapchat cape-town-snapchat-story

As the day progresses it will be interesting to see the different videos and pictures from Cape Town. I am quite certain the nightlife is truly unique in this part of the world.

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