How to Play Cap’n Crunch Snapchat Football Game

On October 20th, 2017 Snapchat released the Captain (Cap’n) Crunch Snapchat football game. This is a game in which you have to collect Cap’n Crunch cereal to get points but must avoid tacklers. You avoid the tacklers by holding on the screen which makes the player go higher. It is very difficult as the highest score we have gotten is 21.

So, how do you play this game? That is a great question and one that can’t be answered by many. The way we found it was an ad at the end of a Snapchat story. When looking online for a QR code to snap or a way to play, we could find no information. Do you know how to find the Cap’n Crunch Snapchat football game?

If you played it, what is your high score?

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