How Much Should a Car Dealership Spend in SEO to Sell 300 Cars?

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Car dealerships throughout the United States are trying to reach their sales goals every single month. Instead of scrambling during the last few days of the month to get to 250 or 300 cars sold, why not have confidence that your Organic Search leads will help you pull through by the 30th or 31st? With a strong Internet presence, you will find that your sales continue to climb year over year. Unfortunately, most car dealerships are paying for SEO that is doing almost nothing. Major SEO companies are selling “the SEO” but car dealerships are finding they are not ranking higher in search.

A great SEO expert is worth their weight in gold. Car dealerships that rank #1 for highly competitive keyword phrases know they are going to get a large number of leads from their website. They know that every single major sale is going to lead to a huge jump in contacts and phone calls. Finding an SEO expert that can actually rank your car dealership website is nearly impossible.

Most automotive ad agencies push SEO but they don’t actually know how to do it. They charge between $2500 and $4500 a month per rooftop yet these general managers are finding their website is not getting any more traffic than before the SEO efforts.

If you want to see your car dealership website increase in the Google Search, reach out to us at We understand how the Google algorithm works and have experience getting car dealership websites to the top of search. We can discuss a monthly package that will help you sell more cars. We will also take the proper actions to show you that your competition doesn’t stand a chance when you have a strong SEO team.

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