Cary, North Carolina Dental Offices Improve Internet Presence with Websites and Social Media

In today’s world, the online presence of a dental office is one of the most important aspects of their success. Due to the fact that dentistry is a highly competitive market, dentists cannot solely rely on the quality of their service to attract new patients and make money. Through their website and social media outlets, dental offices in Cary, North Carolina have significantly improved their internet presence and boosted their profitability as a result.

One Raleigh, NC dental practice has made improving their internet presence through their website and social media a top priority. Here are some of the ways a well-designed website and active social media outlet have led to the success of their family dentistry practice:

Patient Attraction

Gone are the days when someone goes through the Yellow pages or calls around to find a dentist near them. In 2017, if someone is interested in finding a good dentist office nearby, they will almost always turn to Google search. They’ll type in a search term such as “Raleigh dentist” or “the best dentist in Raleigh, NC” and click on the results that appear at the top.

Wells Family Dentistry has optimized their website with these types of keywords and shows up at the top of Google when someone searches a term related to dentists in Raleigh, NC. Thanks to their effective search engine optimization or SEO strategies, they were able to capture the attention of individuals who were in need of a dentist in Cary.

In addition, the Wells Family Dentistry Facebook page is full of positive reviews and enticing information that has convinced countless online searchers that visiting their dental office is a good choice.

Patient Retention

Retaining old patients is just as important as attracting new ones. Wells Family Dentistry has been able to keep their patients coming back for their dental services time after time by adding convenience to their website.

Wells Family Dentistry patients can request an appointment, confirm an appointment, gain access to forms, and even make payments through their website. All of these site features make trips to the dentist far easier for patients with busy lives. The Wells Family Dentistry Facebook page also keeps them informed of contests, new services and procedures, and the latest advances in dentistry.

If you’re intrigued by what you’ve read and would like to get started on improving the online presence of your dental office, contact Wojdylo Social Media today at

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