CatCon LA Snapchat Story on June 7th, 2015

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This is one I did not see coming. In fact, I knew nothing about CatCon until I saw this particular Snapchat Story. I have said multiple times that Snapchat is opening the world to many different events and cultures. In this Los Angeles Snapchat Story we learned more about the conference for, well, cats. There were tons of adoption stories, robotic cats and funny pictures and videos. Here are a few of the screenshots I took:

robotic-cat-catcon-snapchat-story cats-snapchat-story catcon-la-snapchat-story lil-bub-snapchat-story-cat-con

Lil Bub had to be the highlight of this Snapchat Story. There were a few other cat “celebrities” but I was unaware of these names. This was not my favorite Snapchat Story of all time but it is something the internet loves – Cats and Snapchat. I would imagine many people took screenshots and sent them to their friends.

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