CFDA Fashion Awards Snapchat Story on June 1st, 2015

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This is the second major fashion award show Snapchat Story I have seen in the last few months. While I enjoy shopping and checking out new clothes I have no idea what the high end fashion lines are. In this Snapchat Story there were a few fashion models I didn’t even recognize. I did recognize Vera Wang and Michael Kors but other than that I was pretty much clueless. Here were a few of the screenshots I took:

vera-wang-snapchat-story michael-kors-snapchat-story snapchat-story-fashion-show-cfda pharrell-shapchat-story cfda-fashion-snapchat cfda-fashion-awards-snapchat-story

Pharrell Williams and Kanye West made an appearance in this Snapchat Story and I am certain that will get some attention. I have no idea who the hosts were and Karlie must be someone popular but I am out of the loop. If you know who these fashion icons and models are please feel free to comment below.

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