How Do I Change the Categories on The Instagram Explore Search Screen?

If you are like many people that use Instagram, you spend a lot of time using the Explore search screen. Recently, Instagram has added categories at the top of the search screen. Some of these categories include Sports, Humor, Style, Decor, Music, Travel, Dance, Food, Art, Fitness, Auto, Comics and more. You will see the “For You” options on the left and then the categories Instagram thinks you will enjoy. So, is there any way to change them?

The only way to change these categories is to follow or search for specific hashtags or topics you are interested in. Note that Instagram has not narrowed these categories down quite yet. If you like “golf” you are going to find those videos and accounts within sports. You may want to start searching for hashtags related to makeup, college, sexy girls/guys or whatever you desire to see more of.

You will likely also see different categories if you start liking pictures and videos of specific accounts with content related to a topic. If you are an Instagram user that does not engage all that much, you will likely have to start to get the categories to your liking. If you are seeing political or Trump videos and you do not desire to see these videos, start liking and following other types of videos.

4 thoughts on “How Do I Change the Categories on The Instagram Explore Search Screen?

  1. Matthew

    I no longer see the Fitness category tab on the Explore page. All the other tabs are there and most of my pages and people I like or follow are about fitness. Did they remove it or can i bring it back?

    1. Hbrew

      I don’t see a fitness tab on my explore page either. So frustrating! That’s the one Channel I use the most. Anybody have a solution?

      1. JS

        Same. I came here to find out if others are experiencing this. It seems to be the case. That’s really all I used instagram for.


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