Chapel Hill Pink Sky with Clouds

The greatest thing about photography is you never know what you are going to get. Today I was walking around Chapel Hill at sunset with the Nikon D5200 around my neck. I was on the phone with a lady friend and I noticed the pink sky. I assumed it was too late to shoot that amazing moment but I walked right into this:


This was a very difficult photo to take because it was too dark to get a great HDR shot. Remember that HDR photos are three exposures with one being extremely dark. When it is already dark outside it causes the camera to really hesitate with the last of the three clicks. Excuse my lack of terminology but I just started this whole photography thing just a few weeks ago. After taking this photo I continued to talk to my lady friend and actually mentioned this particular shot might not come out at all.

When the rendering was complete through Nik Software I was quite impressed. I rarely have the opportunity to shoot a pink sky so this one is very special to me. I hope to get some even better shots tomorrow if the sky is willing to work with me. The best HDR photos I have taken have been those in which there are clouds of many different sizes and shapes. It will be interesting to see how things turn out over the next few weeks as we head into the colder months of the year. Lots of interesting changing of the colors here in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

If you would like to see some HDR photos from somewhere in Central North Carolina please feel free to contact me and I will attempt to make a trip out on one of my Friday drives. Until then, enjoy my Google+ HDR photography community.

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