Cheap, Upscale and Top Rated Tabs Added to Google Restaurant Searches

When searching for a general style of food most people have something in mind in terms of ratings, price and dress. Google knows this and has added some functionality to their mobile search results. Google searchers can now select “cheap”, “upscale” or “top rated” restaurants when looking for a general type of food. It looks like this:


If you own a restaurant and want to get more business it would be a very wise decision to optimize your Google business listing as much as possible. Within the Google My Business dashboard there are a number of options available to tell Google what type of business you run. Take the time to sign into your Google My Business account once or twice a week to make certain everything is running smoothly and has not been improperly adjusted.

A number of business owners have contacted me asking how they can optimize their listing or their website to rank for the different tabs. Some may benefit greatly from being the #1 search result for upscale dining in Washington, DC. If you need assistance with this please feel free to reach out to me at I can help you better understand the proper steps to take to make certain your web presence is optimize.

I also strongly suggest having a website that ranks in Google organic search. While it is fantastic to get business from the Google local search rankings you can get even more search traffic by ranking for thousands of long tail keywords related to your business. By having an active website that publishes content on a consistent basis you will be able to get even more customers.

While WordPress is a great content management system most website dashboards now allow business owners the opportunity to easily update a website. If you offer specials on Tuesday or trivia on Wednesday it will prove to be beneficial to post this on your website. It will also tell Google that you want the spiders to crawl your content more consistently. The more powerful your website the more powerful your Google local listing will end up becoming.

If you need any assistance when it comes to content, SEO or ranking in Google Search in general do not hesitate to reach out to me today. I have worked with business professionals in the legal, medical and financial industries. I have also worked with a number of successful restaurants and other small businesses that increase their profits with better search rankings. By taking 15 minutes every day to update your website you could end up making twice as much money in the months ahead.

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