Chicago Car Accident Lawyer Google Search Results Over Time

Chicago is one of the most “driven” areas in the entire United States. It makes sense that personal injury lawyers are highly sought after in this area simply because crashes are going to happen every single day. Over the course of time I am going to document the changes in the front page of the Google search results for Chicago car accident keywords. I will also do some analysis when there are changes to the SERPs.

July 10th, 2015

Chicago Car Accident Attorney Keywordschicago-car-accident-attorney-july-2015



This is a new space for me to analysis as this is the very first time I have looked at the law firms competing for Chicago car accident keywords. Levin & Perconti are absolutely destroying it right now in terms of Google search. Their motor accidents page is #1 and their Google Local business shows up in the C, or third, spot. Interestingly, Avvo nor Yelp are anywhere to be found on the first page. I will keep my eye on Briskman & Briskman, Rosenfeld and Salvi Law.

Chicago Car Accident Lawyer Keywords




This is very interesting. The search results are basically identical for “attorney” and “lawyer” for Chicago search results. This is definitely not the case for Los Angeles car accident lawyer. I do not know if this is the way it has always been in the city of Chicago but I will document it over the next few months and even years. I always think it is fun to look back to see which law firms ranked at the top of Google search in the years past.

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