Chicago Personal Injury Law Firm Top 10 SEO Websites

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Below you will find the top 10 personal injury law firm websites, in Chicago, based on our professional SEO analysis. This includes proper backend personal injury SEO, quality of content and a powerful link portfolio. Note that this is not just a list of websites that rank on the front page for “Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer”. There are many other keyword phrases that are very important including car accident lawyer, medical malpractice lawyer, premises liability and pedestrian accidents.

May 2016

#1 – Levin & Perconti – This is a Justia website that is very well done. It looks just like a WordPress Parallax theme. This law firm has multiple different “blogs” or websites that focus on specific areas of practice such as medical malpractice, birth injuries and truck accidents. They have a wealth on content on all the blogs and each links back to their main page. They are doing it right.

#2 – Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers – This is another Justia website that is much more of the traditional Justia look. This particular firm does not have nearly as many individual blog websites that link back to the main page. What they do have is a very extensive piece of content for each areas of practice page. Some of the areas of practice pages are over 1000 words long.

#3 – Staver Law Group – This is the best WordPress Law Firm Parallax theme we have seen in the Chicago market. It is simply gorgeous. This is also the top personal injury law firm website in Chicago that is not Justia. The Staver Law Group has consistent blog posts going up every single day. With a few high quality links this law firm can easily jump to the top spot on our list.

#4 – Briskman, Briskman & Greenberg – This is a very unique theme that has all kinds of useful sliders from the top and side. The sidebar with frequently asked questions about workers compensation, personal injuries, car accidents and medical malpractice is very useful. They are also one of the few personal injury law firms that produces a consistent podcast. This is awesome!

#5 –¬†Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C. Law Offices – This is an interesting one. Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard ranks very well for personal injury lawyer and slip and fall lawyer but they have not optimized car accident keyword phrases which is very unique for the personal injury vertical. One would imagine they want to rank for that keyword but it has not happened yet.

#6 – Ankin Law Office – It is quite obvious this firm has focused solely on car accidents; not that there is anything wrong with that. They produced quite a bit of unique blog content in early March but it looks like they have taken about two months off. Google Caffeine is not going to like this.

#7 – Clifford Law Offices – This is the first Findlaw website on our list. This is a unique situation as Clifford Law ranks almost nowhere for car accident keywords but ranks very well for medical malpractice and personal injury. The have a “news” section and a “press” section but that simply links to other outlets. With their own news or blog section the firm would likely rank higher for more keywords.

#8 – Malman Law – This website has an opportunity to be a true up and comer. It is a beautifully designed WordPress theme with some amazing photos. There is also quite a bit of blog content being published on a consistent basis. With the right SEO team on this project we would see the Malman Law website jumping up into the top 3 quickly.

#9 – Power, Rogers & Smith Trial Lawyers – It is quite obvious this is a very successful law firm that is not getting the search results it deserves. The website is beautifully designed but the SEO is simply not up to par. With being one of the best Law Firm of 2016 according to US News it should be ranking in the top 5 for all personal injury keyword phrases including car accident and medical malpractice keywords.

#10 – Goldberg Weisman Cairo – This is a website that needs an update. It looks straight out of 2005 yet it still ranks rather well. With a new WordPress theme and updated content this domain has the chance to move up in the search rankings rather quickly.

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