What City Will Be the Next on “Life” Snapchat Stories?


Over the spring months of March and April there have been quite a few “Life” Snapchat Stories. So far we have seen a NYC Life, LA Life, London LifeDubai Life and Toronto Life Snapchat Story. The NYC Life and LA Life have been repeated a few times and they were actually up for multiple days during the second week in April. This begs the question, what city or which cities will be next on the “Life” series of Snapchat Stories?


It is quite obvious Snapchat is not limiting themselves to just the United States with three of the five “Life” stories being outside the United States. That said, there are plenty of interesting cities that have yet to be featured during the “Life” series. The first that comes to mind is San Francisco. With Snapchat being headquartered in the SF area it only makes sense that we would see a San Francisco Life Snapchat Story in the next few weeks.

As we head up the west coast the next in line would be Portland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington. Both of these beautiful Pacific Northwest cities feature some beautiful scenery that would be perfect for Snapchat Stories. If they are going to do Seattle, Washington you can guess they would also do Vancouver, British Columbia.

Other cities that are in the western part of the United States that are likely to be featured include Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Sacramento and San Diego. It will be interesting to see if Snapchat does anything with Yellowstone National Park or Yosemite National Park as those would be some very interesting stories as well.

As we make our way east the popular cities to feature would be San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and Austin in Texas. There is always plenty going on in the state of Texas so I would be shocked if we didn’t see a few stories related to those particular areas. Other cities along the Gulf of Mexico that should be featured are New Orleans and Tampa. The sunny locales are extremely popular on Snapchat so stories for Miami and Orlando are a must.

As we head up the east coast it makes sense that Snapchat would feature the historic cities of Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina. These two cities are absolutely perfect with all the historical landmarks. Myrtle Beach and Wilmington have potential but I doubt we will see Snapchat Stories for those particular beach towns.

We will absolutely see Snapchat Stories for Atlanta, Georgia. This one will be coming very soon. I would expect the same for Charlotte, North Carolina. Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston and Pittsburgh will be some of the popular candidates as well. Detroit and Chicago will be featured at one point in the near future.

As far as international cities I think anything goes. Obviously there will be Paris, Rome, Athens, Sydney, Shanghai, Madrid, Barcelona, Stockholm, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro and others. What do you think should be the next city that is featured on Snapchat Stories? I would love to know what you think.

Unfortunately, my home town of Chapel Hill, NC is likely too small. There might be a Raleigh, NC Snapchat Story but I think even that is too small. Maybe Snapchat will do a round of colleges and universities? I think that would actually be pretty cool. I guess we will have to wait and see. Maybe they will start with UNC. More likely, they will start at Stanford.

437 thoughts on “What City Will Be the Next on “Life” Snapchat Stories?

  1. Robby

    It would be nice to get a Gateway to the Midwest day, aka St. Louis. It gets such a bad rep, but is really a beautiful city!

  2. Dimas

    They’re in big leaps. New York to LA. London to Dubai. Could be San Fran to Dallas. Dallas to Detroit. We need a Laredo Texas one. Unique culture we have on the border.

  3. Olof

    As a swede, Stockholm would be nice. Saw that Oslo is on today, but I would say that there is a lot more happening in Copenhagen! But because I’m living in Australia now I would like to see Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide!

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  5. Chis

    As an San Francisco guy I absolutely can’t wait for our time to shine! Going to be so many different things to put on there!

  6. Kadi

    HOW HAS CHICAGO SERIOUSLY NOT BEEN FEATURED?! It is the 3rd largest US City and is an amazing blend of cultures from all around the world and the country. Easily the best US city!
    Also, I live in Helsinki right now. Maybe not the most interesting city, but it is beautiful nonetheless!

  7. Nathalie

    I am a pure Swedish and live in Stockholm and it was really interesting to see the live of my own town☺️, but do ITALY, VENISE

  8. Y oliviaaaa Hovie

    Would love to see MILWAUKEE, WI featured on snapchat!!! How do I take part in being able to send a snap to snapchat MKE Life? 😉

  9. Joelle

    San fransisco will rock snapchat!!! I’m from just outside sf and visit all the time so I’m super excited to go and post all my cool adventures! People are gonna love to sf and its wonders!

  10. Fact Check

    Snapchat is not headquartered in San Francisco. They are located in Santa Monica, which is in Southern California

  11. jackelyn

    The should Put live on north Carolina really they never do it at all and it makes me really mad and tell them that they should put live in north Carolina

  12. Chigle

    It would be cool if they did Albuquerque or New Mexico in general. After all, it is the Land of Enchantment

  13. Logan

    I wish they’d do Fargo!!! No one knows what we’re about and there so much going on every day!!! Or even my home town of Minneapolis!!!

  14. Chileno

    Santiago de Chileee!! Here is the tallest building in Latinamerica. A beautifull and very interesting city, you’ll see.

  15. Sam

    Do Seattle! As a fellow boat owner it will be amazing to get pictures of the skyline! Also university of Washington in Seattle would be great! I’m sure there are many boat owners out there that would love to get the skyline!

  16. jen

    New Mexico! Always left out of all the fun!!! There is a beautiful culture out here that no one even knows exists.

  17. Filiberto

    Scuse me, some days ago there was Rome as City. I share a few of Snapchat on the “live” but I couldn’t see them because Rome was not in my “live events”. Probably because we can’t see live of our city?

  18. Adeel Musa

    Since youve featured a lot o major citites in America, Europe and the UAE as well as Mumbai, India, how about #karachi, Pakistan next too?
    PLEASEE and Thankyou 🙂

  19. Heather

    I wish they would do Chattanooga, TN. It is not as hickish as everybody thinks and we have really done a lot with our whole coty over the last decade….but it may still be to small to be featured

  20. Will

    PLEASE do one for my city, Philadelphia. This will finally break a few nationally held stereotypes about my city being dirty and ghetto. Philly is beautiful, and the people who perpetuate the aforementioned stereotypes have obviously never been here. I’m so ready for Philadelphia Life!

  21. Ali wehbe

    All these countries have been done to death
    Make one about lebanon,beirut
    Plz contact me to tell me on what date you might do it

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  23. Andrew

    I can’t say how much I would love my hometown of St. Louis to get some recognition here! Such a great city with so much to offer!

  24. Maryem

    You have to think at the African Countries !!!!!!!!!!!!! DAKAR the capital of the SENEGAL for example

  25. Sabrina

    I feel like it’s important to use snapchat for a good cause as well… let’s show how life in Texas is like at this point… we’ve been experiencing flooding in many parts of Texas. So much so, that houses floated away in overflowing rivers. People need to see how much supplies are in need and any kind of donations to help restart their lives. WWJD✌

  26. Rene

    Just thought I’d throw this tidbit in there Snapchat is NOT headquartered in San Francisco. It’s easy to think that because most tech companies seem to be out there nowadays. Snapchat is actually headquartered in Venice, Los Angeles, CA.

  27. Bob

    Pittsburgh! Food, scenery, Pirate games, and lots of things to do. The world would love to see my home town

  28. Eloise Duncan

    New mexico on snapchat for the summer please. We all need to be featured, because new mexico is beautiful and we are outgoing like Denver our neighbor.

  29. Ali

    I think you should do Bermuda, maybe not as a life but on a hold like July 31 (beachfest) this would be really cool and you could see our waters and our beaches. Think about it!

  30. Sarah


  31. Marc

    They just did the first Life Story in Belgium yesterday,in Brussels. Time for another belgian city: Liege!!!! ..or Antwerp could be nice too!

  32. Alejandro

    Aarhus you should make one in the second largest city in denmark it’s just a gorgeous city!!!!!!

  33. seth

    Mount Morris, PA. high point raceway. Lucas oil pro motocross runs there today. that would be a nice event.

  34. DJ

    MINNEAPOLIS….though it is boring…so I understand why it will forever be overlooked. =D( LIFE STORY is a really awesome idea though on Snapchats part. I love watching the different snaps from around the world…it makes me feel more connected and it’s awesome to see what other people are doing in different locations, VERY COOL. =D

  35. wyatt

    Houston please! we were voted one of the countries most diverse cities, and we’re 3rd largest in the US. there’s no reason not to do Houston

  36. Matthew Johnson

    Seoul, South Korea is a beautiful city. I’ve got a year left here and it would be great to see what others do in a city as unique as Seoul.

  37. J

    Vienna!! It’s the capital of Austria, its a cultural center (especially music) and has loads of beautiful sights and history.

  38. Lauren

    St. Louis 100% it’s soooo beautiful and fun and no one ever hears about the positive things happening there!! it isn’t the “dangerous” place people think it is!

  39. Hayden Campfer

    San Diego Life defiantly! from their beaches to the bays, from the surf to the turf, best city in the U.S.!

  40. Alex

    I think snapchat should do a story for anywhere along the jersey shore that shows the icons that say jersey shore
    And the shore

  41. Kimmie

    Central Valley in California is made up of several small towns with A LOT of agriculture it would be neat to see small towns all over the world.

  42. Tupee

    PLEASE PLEASE DO ADELAIDE South Australia, you’ve done Melbourne and Sydney..
    Are we not good enough?

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  44. Ian ruiz

    Why not Hawaii? I live on Kauai and its fucking gorgeous. You guys are missing out. Especially the babes

  45. Lamees

    Why not do the Middle East !!! Jordan , Palestine (not Israel ) , Algeria , morocco, Yemen , Syria ,Lebanon , why not !!!!

  46. Batty

    I think you should just put all the cities and people can watch them whenever they want but i really want to see LEBANON

  47. Marily Salinas

    Come to Arlington, Tx! Home of the Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys, Sixflags over Texas, Hurricane Harbor, Lake Arlington, World of Beer and the Arlington Highlands!…Lets party

  48. Batikha

    “It’s everything wonderful and great and awesome in the world and all the evils in the world all in one amazing place. It’s a microcosm for the world.”

    – Anthony Bourdain on BEIRUT, Lebanon

  49. Manal

    Jeddah, KSA please.
    Jeddah is amazing. So much you should know. You will enjoy seeing Jeddah.
    Please JEDDAH.

  50. Shelby

    Gainesville Florida is always full of fun loving gator fans! the night life can go from Clubbing to mudding to college parties! We’re a great little college town!

  51. Aria

    Edmonton AB in Canada!! It’s the capital of Alberta and it’s beautiful and has character plus we need more Canadian stories.

  52. jaystone

    COLORADO!!!! come on colorado is a big city we are the mile high city!!!!! Marijuana is legall here! Enough said lol

  53. Albusaidi

    You have to do muscat , Oman … you won’t regret it 😀 .. The beach the wadis the , the cultur it self . It has to be on live please please !

  54. mostafa

    Give middle east a shot and do Beirut,Lebanon please you’d be intrested in our lifestyles. Would show the world how the middle east really is and not as shown on the media..

  55. Darnel

    There’s no way they couldn’t have done Orlando Florida. Orlando life have two be next or close to being next. It’s one of the big vacation spots to visit on the world.

  56. sky dawg

    maui, HAWAII, PLEASE, i mean im not like begging, but i think the scenery and sunsets are amazing, the people are creative, and theres more that goes on here than you think !!!

  57. Pia

    Snapchat is headquartered in Venice, nowhere near San Francisco. Maybe I’m biased because I work here, but today’s SF story was boring.

  58. Manal

    I’m about to hate snapchat because they don’t do Jeddah the beautiful city in Saudi Arabia. Jeddah is the most famous city in Saudi Arabia. Ppl from everywhere around the world always visit Jeddah. If snspchat don’t do Jeddah story, I will delete this app from my phone and encourage all ppl from Jeddah to delete it too. I know they will listen to me. No one say no to me. Snapchat, you have only one month from now, do Jeddah life story, otherwise, you will lose many fans and users. ( angry face )

  59. CHRIS

    El Paso, TX/Ciudad Juarez, MX is interesting if you give us a chance ?

    1) Largest binational community in western hemisphere, meaning awesome culture shock.
    2)The Franklin mountain splits the city in half and offers awesome hiking
    3)Mix of small town and big city feel; if that’s what your making a poll about
    4)Food…need I say more?

  60. Desirae

    Please do Pittsburgh, PA!!!! How could you possibly avoid a beautiful city with a beautifully created football team. Go Steelers!!! Woooooooooo!

  61. Jess

    I’d say lets do a story in Frankfurt Germany ! There’s a lot to see here in Germany’s Manhattan ??

  62. Jim

    You seriously should do colorado springs or denver. Easily the most active people in the US. So much beauty to be seen!

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  64. John

    STL is one of the most underrated cities in the U.S. I want people who have never been to see how awesome it is.

  65. Summer

    Please Lebanon! I’m visiting there for the summer and my time is almost up! I want to show the snapchat world my home❤️

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  67. Isa

    PLEASE do Hamburg!! It really is the most beautiful city in Germany? With its such important harbour and all of the well known places and different neighbourhoods?⚓️??


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