Can You Create Clickable Hashtags or Usernames on Instagram Stories?

Now that Instagram Stories are more popular than Snapchat Stories millions of social media users are trying their hand at this new “game”. Instagram is a different animal than Snapchat in that it is very easy to search and find other users. This means you can grow your account a lot quicker than on Snapchat where people can only find you if they know your phone number. One way to get a lot of new followers on Instagram is to be shared by another user in a picture or on their story.

One of the early features of Instagram stories is to share another user and make their username clickable. This is easily done when creating your story. Just use the @ in front of the username and Instagram will prompt you to click on that exact user’s profile to make it a clickable link.

UPDATE: We have learned that in mid 2017 Instagram has made hashtags click on Instagram Stories.

As far as hashtags, it is still the case that they are not clickable on an Instagram Story. In the next few months we would imagine Instagram is going to offer clickable hashtags as it simply makes sense with users looking to find out more information about that topic when they click a hashtag. When all is said and done, Instagram may end up killing both Twitter and Snapchat because they are making it so easy to find information, pictures and videos related to an interesting topic.

The Instagram search or discover tab has been very important in terms of growing the platform. While Snapchat and Twitter have a search option, it is not nearly as good as Instagram. It is amazing how important search can be to a product. Just ask Google.

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