Can You Place Clickable Links on an Instagram Story?

Over the last several months Instagram Stories have greatly gained in popularity. The metrics show that Instagram Stories are even more popular than Snapchat Stories. With this being the case, most power users want to direct their Instagram followers to a website or one of their online profiles. Unfortunately, at the present time there are only the select few brands and businesses that have the opportunity to place a clickable link in an Instagram Story.

You can also sign up for an Instagram Business account and it will expedite the opportunity to place a link on your story. When you do place a link you Instagram users will be able to swipe up to go to the URL. Snapchat recently offered this opportunity to all users.

If Instagram is watching, they will likely offer this opportunity moving forward. When this service is available to all, we will update this article.

Do you want to place links on your Instagram story? Do you have a business account that allows you to direct people to a website?

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