Coachella Snapchat Story on April 12th, 2015

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What a weekend it was for Snapchat Stories. We had the Quidditch World Cup and Coachella. In a tweet, Snapchat creator and CEO Evan Speigel stated that over 40 million people watched the Coachella Snapchat Story this weekend. Those numbers are just enormous. Those are larger than major college football games. I took a few screenshots of the videos and pictures that were in the Coachella Snapchat Story and here they are:

snapchat-story-coachella coachella-girl-and-guy-snapchat-story coachella-girls-snapchat-story coachella-concert-snapchat-story coachella-snapchat-story

I do not know many of the bands that performed at Coachella so I won’t even try to list the ones that were in the Snapchat Story. If you know the bands that were in the Snapchat Story please feel free to comment below with the list.

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