College Football Snapchat Story on September 5th, 2015

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As predicted, Snapchat is making a strong push when it comes to college students. This means college football; lots of it. On the first Saturday of the football season there were some fantastic stories including Lee Corso, Sam Ponder and fans at many of the games. Alabama vs Wisconsin, Auburn vs Louisville and a few other games were highlighted. Here are some of the screenshots I took:

college-football-snapchat-story-2015 alabama-roll-tide-snapchat-story auburn-tigers-snapchat-story lee-corso-snapchat-story

I would imagine every single Saturday we are going to see Snapchat stories for the biggest college football games. We will see all kinds of college football players snapping from the locker rooms and at the parties after they win a big game. It will be interesting to see just how far this goes.

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