Do College Quarterbacks Wear #21? Indiana QB

In the Ohio State vs Indiana game to kick off Thursday Night Football we are seeing a quarterback for Indiana that wears #21; Richard Lagow. J.T. Barrett of Ohio State wears #16 which is very common. In college football, most quarterbacks wear numbers between #1 and #18. Very rarely do we see quarterbacks that wear a jersey number in the 20’s in this day and age.

Which quarterback do you know that has worn a jersey number in the 20’s? Do you think this is something we are going to see more in the future of college football?

For those wondering, in the NFL, Quarterbacks can only wear a certain number and those numbers cannot be over #19. Running backs are the ones that wear numbers in the 20’s. Reggie Bush wanted to wear #5 in the NFL and the NFL would not let him.

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