College Students on Twitter and Google+

Over the course of the next few months I plan on hosting multiple hangouts discussing the topic of social media and college students. Most people assume college students have a Facebook account and they are going to use it. What I have noticed, over the past several months, is that college students are growing tired of Facebook as this is just a place to see old photos and check up on “back home” friends. When they want mental stimulation or to collaborate with other higher education individuals they seek different outlets.

Twitter owns the second screen, especially when it comes to sports and entertainment. Twitter is limited in that collaboration is not available. Google Docs and Google Drive continue to be the method in which students create and share study guides. With Google+ slowly being integrated into all things Google it is all in due time before all those Google Docs users will be Google+ users. Until then, we will discuss where the students are.

Discussing Social Media with Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales

The Introduction to Lauren Sutton

Discussing Social Media with Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales

During Thanksgiving week Lauren Sutton has prior commitments so Alexandra stepped up to the plate. I am glad she did because she is coming at Google+, Twitter and all of social media from a different angle. She is a graduate student in the Communication department and a teacher of the Intro. to Human Communication course at Kent State University. She has several opinions and hypotheses as to why college students have yet to adopt Google+. The hangout is going to take place Wednesday, November 27th at 1:00 pm est. Feel free to RSVP at this event page. It is going to be lots of fun!

The Introduction to Lauren Sutton

Here is the entire YouTube Hangout on Air video with Lauren.

On the first Hangout on Air related to college students I introduced Lauren Sutton. She is a UNC Junior that has been on Google+ since January of 2013. She has experimented and poked around quite a bit. She is also a prolific writer that wants to get her voice out through the written word. This was her first real hangout and she explained some of the social media outlets where college students are hanging out. Some of the common networks are SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. She did mention that many of those on Facebook are not all that excited about being there as it is a necessary evil to get through the college years. It will be interesting to see how that changes as the classes of 2014 and 2015 graduate. Many of the younger students have accepted that Facebook is not the “cool place to be”.

I hope to have Lauren as part of the show every Tuesday afternoon at 1:00 pm est. There will be some Tuesdays in which she cannot make it but for the most part she is going to try to keep you updated when it comes to social media on a college campus.

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