How College Students Use Tinder to Find Dates

The first and most challenging step of any relationship is finding someone with shared interests to be in a relationship with.

There is no wonder that so many online dating websites such as and E-Harmony, have successfully emerged over the years.

Now online dating has spread to the younger generation of college students with the online app Tinder.


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The app has risen to fame on college campuses across the country, and has passed an astounding one billion profile rankings.
Upon downloading the app, you log into your Facebook, select your sexual preference and allow it to access your current location.

Then, the real magic happens: You are free to swipe through every single potential match in your area.

Think of tinder as the millennial version of “she loves me, she loves me not,” but, instead of plucking petals from a flower, you are swiping pictures of a possible prospect either left for, “Nope,” or right for, “Like.”

If you “like” a person and either he or she “likes” you back, then he or she becomes one of your matches. A chat bubble pops up, giving the two of you the opportunity to flirt.

Tinder is a fun way to meet new people, especially on college campuses.
Ideally, you could be lounging in your dorm one night, wallowing in your loneliness, when suddenly one of your tinder matches messages you, inviting you on a romantic escapade.

“Ideally”… however, this is not usually the case. Tinder is typically used as a tool in our ever-blossoming hook-up culture.

Most of the time the boy does not ask you on a romantic date, but a sleazy hook-up with a cheesy pick-up line, such as, “Hey BABE, come over to my one bedroom apartment that I share with four roommates, and share some cold pizza on my floor.”
To which I politely respond, “As hungry as this poor college student is, I would prefer to not risk getting fleas, or in this case various other diseases.”

For these reasons, it is no wonder that a majority of college students refuse to own –up to downloading this app.

If you ask a college student why they have Tinder, they will typically have an excuse ranging from, “I just like to see whom, I would match with,” to “I just get on to talk to people, when bored.” My personal excuse is, “I’m just on here to write a column.”

The truth is we are all a little bit lonely, and Tinder does provide us with an outlet, to at least chat to new people, and occasionally meet new people face-to-face.

To take full advantage of the opportunities Tinder, presents the most important feature is your Tinder profile.

A persons Tinder profile usually includes six of their best pictures, the first being the best. Below the picture, there is typically a witty bio, that tells some detail of your life.

For example, my bio, has my major and says, “Not basic(litmus paper tested).
Others I have read include, “You can tell your friends we met at Starbucks,” or “You can tell your friends we met on Christian Mingle.”

Tinder is unavoidably shallow, you are asking yourself, is this person hot or not, and quickly swiping through profiles. For some, the bio is the deciding factor. If someone has a clever, and well-written bio, I am immediately interested in knowing more about said person.

Another feature of the Tinder app, is “Moments,” similar to Snapchat, people can send photos to all of their matches, for a limited time. The matches can then like, or dislike the moments. It is a way to break the ice, and initiate a conversation with another person.

To date- since downloading the app, I have gone on one date with one of my matches. Because Tinder is linked to Facebook, and shows a list of mutual friends, I was able to confirm this person’s identity. He was a friend of one of my friends, so I knew he was legitimate.

The two of us had a casual pizza date, and it went pretty well. We did not date, but we have become friends.

Some of the people I have chatted with on Tinder have been surprisingly intriguing. For example, I chatted with a Spanish study-abroad student, who shared with me his cultural experiences.

No matter, how one chooses to use their Tinder app, there is sure to be an interesting story to be told from it.

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