Do College Students Use Uber to Go to Class?

I have been an Uber driver in Chapel Hill for just over a month. During my first few weeks as an Uber driver the kids were not in class as it was Christmas vacation. During the first week of the semester I was on vacation so I did not have the opportunity to drive in my home town. Now that things have settled down, I am driving college students around during the down hours of my afternoons and evenings.

Something I often get asked is, “Do college students use Uber to go to class?” The answer is yes. I have picked up multiple students on the south side of campus to bring them to the north side and vice versa. For those wondering, it would take about 20 minutes to walk from the Dean Dome to Franklin Street on the UNC Campus. The most interesting part of using Uber to go from one class to another is the fact that UNC has a fantastic FREE bus system. There are always Carolina blue busses rolling through campus during all hours of the day.

More common than taking students to class is taking students from lunch or dinner back to their dorms. Shortbread Lofts is a common destination for those living on campus dorms. On Thursday and Saturday nights college students trek across Franklin to the apartments on Rosemary St. Instead of walking the 20 minutes many will spend the $6 for an Uber right to stay out of the cold weather.

I have not driven on the NC State or Duke campus during normal business hours but I would imagine college students use Uber much in the same manner that they do at UNC. I tend to get quite a few students traveling back and forth from Duke to UNC. In fact, you could probably make a decent living if you drove from Duke to UNC, waited for a rider, then went back and forth. That said, I have no desire to drive around drunk college students so that is out of the question for me.

If you are a college student, do you use Uber to go to class? How much do you end up spending every month on Uber? Do you pay for it or do your parents pay for it?

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