A Communication Error Has Occurred Support Code 802-0809 Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

UPDATE: Please leave a comment below with the date and time you are seeing this error message. Also comment with the type of Smartphone you are using and the operating system. You can add your Friend ID to your comment. Add me as a friend on Animal Crossing with the ID 0421 8774 486.

If you have played Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 you have likely seen the communication error. This is due to the popularity of the app. It is very likely the case that millions are trying to play the game right now causing the servers to have errors.

The error states “A communication error has occurred. Please try again later. Support code [802-0809]. Have you seen this error? How long did it last? Did your Animal Crossing Pocket Camp save after this error?

120 thoughts on “A Communication Error Has Occurred Support Code 802-0809 Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

    1. Kai

      29845857192 !!

      Also 10pm PST

      I thought it was just because of the new day thing but if not I’d like to know how, (if possible), to fix!!

  1. Michael Burgard

    Just happened to me. Thought it was my wifi but nope same for 4g lte. Hence my posting and googling for a solution lol.

  2. Lauren

    10:30(?)pm PST, after I got notified a new day was beginning and would be returned to the title screen, then this error popped up and continues to every time the app is opened. iPhone 6, IOS 11.1.1

  3. Nathaniel F

    11PM-2AM(at least) iPhone 6s Plus, iOS 11.1.1
    Had some intermittent ability to play, but keeps DC’ing. Saves gameplay from what I can tell, though.

  4. Kaitlyn

    Support code 802-0809 2 hrs, have not gotten bacck into game yet. approximately 10 pm PT-currently 12:25 pm PT iphone 6s Plus.

  5. Kayleigh Tutt

    Okay, this error has been affecting my app since last night around 10:00. It’s the next day and it’s still not letting me get past the loading screen.
    6:43 am iPhone 6

  6. Court

    I’ve been trying to get past it since around 11pm last night, it took a few tries to even get the main screen to pop up but it kicked me out of the game last night and I haven’t been able to get back on since 🙁

  7. Tasha

    Started last night, don’t remember the time, maybe around 10pm est. Still getting the same issue this morning 8:52am est – iphone 7plus, ios 11.1.2

  8. Cipher

    I literally can’t play and it’s really annoying because it will work for about 2 minutes before something has to load again then it was show the error screen and crash. It’s lastest well into the night, I downloaded the game before I went to bed and I’ve only been able to play for 20 minutes. I thought going to bed would help but nope I’ve been getting errors for the last 2 hours.

  9. Nicole Johnson

    I’ve been getting this kind of error since last night around 8pm est and STILL HAPPENING TODAY at 9:42 am est I haven’t been able to play AT ALL!!

    I’m an an iPhone 6 Plus

  10. heatherlynn

    iphone 6 3:53 pm EST. stopped getting the error while downloading, started getting it after app startup instead. ;-;

  11. Meggie

    Tried to play last night and again this morning. Been trying since 6.45am GMT. I can’t even get past the first loading screen 😭 I have an iPhone 7

  12. Mare

    802-0809 error code has been going on for six hours now. Started around 9pm US central time on 11/22 and is still going on at 3 am 11/23. I was playing earlier in the day, but now it’s competely useless. I have an iPhone 8+.

  13. Mare

    Just saw the notice about the Server Issue in the game.

    “Due to high traffic, we began experiencing server connection issues at around 18:00 (JST) on 21/11/2017.

    The issue is still occurring intermittently, but please be aware that we are investigating it and will resolve it as soon as possible. Thank you to those users who have contacted us or left feedback regarding this issue.

    Affected players will receive the following gift: Leaft Ticket x 20

    You can receive this gift from your mailbox only between 11/23/17 at 12:00 am and 12/22/17 at 11:59 pm.

    If items you receive in game are not being displayed properly, please close the app and start it again. This should resolve the issue.”

  14. Aislinn

    Been happening repeatedly since 10 am yesterday morning.
    Motorola Moto E 2nd Gen

    I’m using the US apk if that helps at all.

  15. Linda Lyons

    Just started at 12:05 am EST. A communication error has occurred. Please try again later. Support code: 802-0809.


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