How Content Affects Google Local Search Results

If you didn’t know it yet, text content affects SEO. The amount of content, how it is written, what it references, who references it, how unique it is, how it is typed, how long it is, and of course, the domain authority of the website it is placed on, are all factors in where that content will display in search results.

Don’t take my word for it though, there are plenty of successful entrepreneurs who are using content to grow their business. You can see how they do it in my latest blog series, examples of business website content.

Organic rankings affect local search results

In many niches organic results have a huge impact on local results. I have observed the local results change overnight directly in line with organic rankings. Different webpages rank for different terms people search for based on their content and a variety of other factors (Eg: One real estate agent may rank for “commercial real estate” while another ranks for “real estate broker”).

Terms which trigger local pack results vary

“Real estate agent” works in some cities, and not in others. In major cities, local results are missing, and in rural areas, they still display. Same goes for attorneys. There are many other factors than organic rankings and content, but content that ranks is a very big factor in some niches, especially in personal injury law.

Below are screenshots of various search terms that trigger local packs for attorneys in Dallas Texas. This is just a very brief example. Some of the attorneys in Dallas have better pages built out for their various areas of practice. This great content, in part, helps them rank organically. When you have great content on motorcycle accidents, for example, you can get a organic search result, directly affecting local search results. This is how content can affect local search results.

Screenshots taken March 26, 2015:

local results content

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