Why a Copywriter is Worth the Investment

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Content is king. We hear it over and over again. Unfortunately, creating content while maintaining a business is not easy. Throw in having a life outside the occupation and it is nearly impossible. Successful business owners and entrepreneurs recognize they cannot do everything. If ranking in Google search and gaining an online presence is part of a business model a copywriter or content writer is needed. There are plenty of opportunities to cut corners and hire a cheap content writer that will pump out articles for $20 or $30 or less. Most recognize that you get what you pay for. An experienced copywriter with a social media presence is well worth the investment and here is why.

Natural Linkbacks to Your Website(s)

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “how can I possibly get natural linkbacks and stack up against my competition?” Let me be the first to say that natural linkbacks take time. If your website is receiving 200 daily visitors you should not be accumulating 30 or 40 linkbacks a day. This math does not make sense and Google knows that. Some small business owners show me their Google Websmaster Tools and they have 5000 linkbacks for a six month old website that receives 50 daily visitors. This is not natural. Unless that business had a post go extremely viral they are not going to get that many linkbacks.

That said, by hiring a copywriter or content writer can increase the likelihood of natural linkbacks tremendously. If they have a large social media presence this is icing on the cake. When the copywriter shares their work on social media there is a unique readership that will find the content fresh and interesting. If the copywriter is very good they will be able to engage the new audience with the subject matter. Let’s play a numbers game. If your copywriter brings 200 new visitors to your website and only 1% of them link or share the article you website will gather two new links for every article they publish and share.

Anyone that has been in SEO or Internet Marketing knows these natural linkbacks are invaluable. This is old fashioned word of mouth marketing. A reader or customer enjoys the content and decides to share with friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn. The spider web effect starts and the next thing you know you are getting traffic from websites you didn’t even know existed. This would have never been possible without a copywriter with a strong social media presence.


Time is of the Essence

Successful businesses require time. Lots of time. Business owners have a specific area of expertise that has allowed them to make money doing what they enjoy. Unfortunately, what they enjoy might not bring new customers or clients in the door. Instead of devoting 10 or 20 hours a week to learning how to write copy, engage and audience and share on social media it is well worth the investment to hire someone that does it on a daily basis. I am always more than happy to assist those looking to learn how to use social media. In fact, I created the Google Plus Pro Tips community a few months ago.

It takes time for business owners to go to a website and digest the information on how to succeed on social media. It takes even more time to implement a strategy. This is time and resources that could go back into the business to create a better product or service. We all have a skill set. Allow those with writing and marketing skills to take the burden off you. If you desire to increase the exposure of your business through content and social media please reach out to me at jwojdylo@gmail.com.

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