How Much Does it Cost for an Ad in Google Maps?

In the last several months, business owners have contacted us about the ads that are showing up at the top of Google Maps. If you are an orthodontist, dentist, car dealership, personal injury lawyer or private practice doctor, you may notice your competition is paying for the spot above you. Even with the best SEO in the world, the ad is still above the top spot in the Google Maps listing and the top spot in Google Organic Search. So, should you pay for this top ranking?

Time and again we learn that Google Organic Search is much more valuable that Google Paid Search. You can find our study here. Instead of paying $50 to $100 to show up at the top of the Google Maps with a paid ad, we strongly suggest stronger SEO efforts so you can rank for organic keyword phrases that will cost your competitors thousands of dollars a month in Adwords.

Depending on your industry, you are going to find it costs $25 to $150 to rank at the top of the Google Maps listing. This ad is purchased through Google Adwords so note that the cost is determined by an auction. You are going to pay one penny more than the second highest bidder. We often see orthodontists, dentists and personal injury lawyers bidding up the price for the top spot because they want to be #1.

Once again, if you are looking to get leads and patients from Google Search the better option is SEO (search engine optimization). You will get many more website visitors and these website visitors convert at a much higher rate. Whether you want to sell more cars, get more Invisalign patients or simply want to gain exposure, SEO has always been the best option when it comes to a monthly marketing and advertising budget.

If you would like to discuss purchasing ads to get to the top of Google Maps or you would like to increase your SEO efforts, contact us today at We can assist you in both efforts and will ultimately help your business grow.

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