Costco is Coming to Apex/Cary off Laura Duncan Road

Costco, your favorite wholesale retailer, is coming to Apex/Cary! The superstore, which provides bulk quantities of products ranging from food, to office supplies, to beauty, at low wholesale prices, makes it a crowd favorite for those on a budget.

The new location will be right off of Highway 64 at the corner of Laura Duncan Road near Apex High School. 

The store, like the locations in Raleigh, could have specialty buying departments including:

  • Gas Station
  • Auto Buying Program
  • Tire Service Center
  • Propane
  • Membership and Executive Membership programs
  • Food Court
  • Optical Department
  • Pharmacy
  • Hearing Aid
  • Bakery
  • Fresh Deli (including rotisserie chicken)
  • Fresh Meat
  • Fresh Produce
  • Inkjet Cartridge Refill Center

One of my favorite things to do at Costco is to walk around and taste the samples. And for your first visit to the new store, its a great way to survey the layout while also earning a free lunch. But if you’re not quite full after feasting on frozen hors d’oeuvres, the Costco food court is a good place to go for an amazing beef hotdog. Pizza slices aren’t so bad either, and cheap too.

You can also score some of the best deals on family size bottles of shampoos and conditioners, and save big on multi-pack deodorants, face wash, and toothpaste in the beauty department, which is pretty underrated in comparison to the hype other sections of the store gets. It’s also a good place to find bargains on over the counter acne treatments like Proactiv or Clearasil.

 But what may take center stage is food. Of course. Fresh, frozen, packaged, sliced, thousands of name brand food items can be bought at Costco in bulk for fractions of the price. If you’re heading somewhere on vacation, or don’t really make it to the grocery that often, Costco is good place to stock up on your essentials and save money while you do. The candy selection is pretty intense. Love Kit Kats? You’ll definitely be able to buy a 40 pack of regular sized candy for half of the price you would pay retail. Or is cereal your go-to? Look no further than the glorious cereal aisle where you can find twin packs of your favorite family sized breakfast/lunch/dinner/late night snack for the price of one box at your regular grocery.

The list goes on and on. If you’re bargain hunting for a new electronic device like a TV, laptop, printer, digital camera. It’d be wise to price check the competition against Costco. And while some may scoff at the membership fees associated with shopping at the wholesale warehouse, your savings will more than make up for the annual fees, which are usually about $55. But, just like everything at Costco, discounts are sometimes available on these too. Just takes a little clever bargain hunting on the Internet.

10 thoughts on “Costco is Coming to Apex/Cary off Laura Duncan Road

  1. Maddy

    How do we apply for a costco job in Apex? I have called the raliegh location they knew nothing? Anybody heard anything?

    1. Whitney Hartman

      I would like to know when they are hiring for Apex Costco. It is opening March 16th. I am new to the area and would love the opportunity to work for Costco!


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