Covergirl’s New “Coverboy”, James Charles, Receives Backlash

James Charles is your typical 17 year old high school senior from New York…except for the fact that he is a self taught makeup artist, who has grown his social media following over the past year for the amazing talent he has when it comes to applying makeup.

Before he was named the newest face of Covergirl, and most importantly, the FIRST EVER male face for the company, I have seen nothing but negative things about him on different social media platforms. And, to be 100% honest, the negative feedback that not only this has gotten, but that Covergirl has received as well, has absolutely disgusted me.

The audacity of people and lack of respect that they have for others nowadays will NEVER cease to amaze me. I understand the line is called “Covergirl” but that does NOT mean that it should not be accessible to a person of the male gender. I support everyone, within reason of course, with the decisions they make to better themselves, as in them doing whatever they can and want to do that will make them the happiest.. With that being said, no, I personally do not have anything against a man who want to express themselves as a woman, and a woman that wants to express themselves as a man.

Truthfully, I am beyond speechless at how phenomenal he is at makeup. Especially since it has only been a little over a year since he began. If I were this good at it and I were a male, HELL YES I would be slaying every second of each and every day. Just because someone has the parts that scientifically define them as a male, doesn’t mean they can’t express themselves with with the way that makes them feel the best.

If beauty products are what do it, then WORK IT. And no, I am not saying that just because he wears makeup that he wants to declare himself as a woman, but even if he does…who the hell cares? You are NOT the one making the decision, therefore why does it concern you? Also, he may not even want to become a female.

He may just really enjoy doing makeup because he realizes he is so good…no, absolutely AMAZING at it. But, people are just mean…and I just don’t get it. This is one of those things that will more than likely never make sense to me. You don’t see all these hate posts, (not saying they don’t happen, but personally, I have not seen them), being this negative toward a woman who dresses like a man, acts like a man, and claims to everyone that she is actually a he.

So, why can a “guy” not defy himself as a “she” if it makes them feel better about themself? IT IS 20FREAKIN16 PEOPLE. Regardless what the case may be, unless his decisions are affecting how you live your life, leave not just him, but ANYONE who wants to express them self in a way different than what you see as “politically correct” or “ethically correct” or even “scientifically correct” alone!

If everyone worried about themselves a little more and actually tried to do things that would make them be a better person and they stopped sticking their noses into situations that have absolutely NOTHING to do with them, maybe…just maybe this world would be a much better place.

One thought on “Covergirl’s New “Coverboy”, James Charles, Receives Backlash

  1. Jess

    I am very close to a man who dresses drag occasionally. I love him dearly. I accept who he is. I consider myself an extremely tolerant, accepting, compassionate soul. And I am more than absolute my friends and family would say the same about me. Yet, I still cannot and will not see this as acceptable for cover girl to do. Liberals, if that’s what you would like to consider people who jam their opinions down your throat, and when you disagree turn the tables and make you out to be a monster, have already forced gender neutral sex bathrooms down our throats. Fine. Same sex marriage? Do you. Marry who you want. You’re not hurting anyone. The big guy judges all. Putting a boy…because that is what he is, in makeup, prancing him and all of his flamboyance in the screen to sell makeup while my son is watching t.v., or playing in the room where it is on, I’m not ok with that. If he grows up, and feels like a girl, I love him. I accept him. If he is gay, I love him, adore him, and accept him still. But at no time during his developing years should he be introduced to a boy wearing makeup as if it is an alternative to being a boy boy. It is not an option, people are that way because it’s who they are. Not because it was put to them as an option. I’m sorry, it’s wrong. And his says that in the end what is right will be wtong, and what is wrong will be right. Wake up. Yes love thy neighbor,accept, love, care, but don’t shove liberal views down my kid’s throat. Let him be who he is and decide on his own. I’m not worried about what others want to do with their lives, not how they choose to love them. However, when it affects my child, in my own home, I will make a stand in it. Cover girl was the first makeup given to me at age 13. I since have discovered much better product, both have always used the mascara. Well, I just found a new one to use. I refuse to endorse a company that is marketing to my son, confusing him. Giving him questions.


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