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Ranking on the front page of Google search for highly competitive keywords takes a lot of time and effort. It also takes some very strategic content generation and social sharing. Those in the Criminal Defense industry recognize the challenges of taking the necessary steps to rank near the top of Google search for “money” keywords. If a potential client is searching for a Criminal Defense Attorney or Lawyer in a specific region there is a very good chance they will end up hiring the attorney they find online. Reaching just a few clients a month could be the difference in a very successful law firm and a law firm that is struggling to stay in the black. Rather than trying to hemorrhage cash it is best to use it wisely within a practice.

SEO has changed drastically over the last several months. It is no longer the case that large agency SEO firms can generate links that will rank a website. In fact, Google has worked diligently to make certain that link schemes and black hat SEO do not work. Those that over optimized for a specific keyword phrase have felt the wrath of Google Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird. Lawyers and attorneys nationwide are scrambling to get their search rankings back. If you want to rank on the top of Google search contact us today.


What Should a Criminal Defense Attorney Do to Rank in Search?

This is a very difficult question to answer. Every situation is a unique. Some Criminal Defense Attorneys have a very strong presence online and they may need to continue what they are doing. Others are just getting started and they need a plan of attack. There are some that have been hit by Google algorithm changes and they may consider a complete change in strategy. If you are hoping to rank in Google search remember that quality content matters. This content does not have to be in the form of blog posts or written articles. It can be photographs, podcasts or YouTube videos.

Why Content is Still King in Online Search

No matter how much work any Criminal Defense Attorney sinks into social media or link building it still remains true that content is king. Without content there is no reason for users to access a website. Online news websites such as Huffington Post and the Business Insider receive millions of visitors a week because they have a staff that is pumping out articles by the second. Most Criminal Defense Attorneys do not have the staff to publish multiple articles a day, but there are opportunities to create unique and amazing content.

Something that all professionals must understand is that content does not have to come in the form of written words. When businesses want content they often think of blog posts or news articles. Content can also consist of photographs, videos or audio files. If someone in your practice has the skill of speaking at length ask them to use Soundcloud to upload some audio files. Some attorneys are amazing at speaking in front of a crowd or the camera.

The best thing about both of these resources is they are free of charge. You do not have to pay an HD video production company to come in and video tape a file that will be uploaded to YouTube. You do not have to go out and buy a brand new radio quality microphone to upload audio files to Soundcloud. If your firm has a computer that has been purchased in the last three years there is a very good chance it has the capabilities to upload photos, video files and audio files with ease.

If you are not computer savvy there are plenty of resources available online to help you better understand how to upload content to your website. With each of my clients, I suggest three blog posts or pieces of content uploaded every single week. If they are not willing to do this it is going to be extremely difficult to rank in Google search. Google continues to adjust algorithms to reward websites that are actively producing content the searchers and readers want to consume. Reach out to me at if you are looking for this type of online product.

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