Dan Abrams and Tom Morris Jr of Live PD A&E TV Show

Live PD has become one of the most popular cable shows on TV. This Friday night “cop show” guides viewers through the night, giving insight to what audiences see in real time (via a mix of dash cams, fixed rig and handheld cameras), bouncing minute-by-minute between the featured police departments and offering an inside look at each live incident (source). The hosts of this show are Dan Abrams and Tom Morris, Jr.

The popularity of this show is very similar to America’s Most Wanted that was hosted by John Walsh years ago. It is a little bit different, but America is always interested in a good police chase of figuring out how to find the bad guy.

To find out more about Dan Abrams you can follow his Twitter here. Now that Mr. Abrams has worked for ABC for several years but his popularity is growing now that he is hosting Live PD on A&E.

In 1993 Tom Morris, Jr joined America’s Most Wanted as a segment producer and three years later made his on-air debut as a reporter, profiling — and ultimately helping capture — criminals. In addition to his America’s Most Wanted duties, Morris has appeared on numerous shows, including CNN Showbiz Tonight, Fox & Friends and Entertainment Tonight, and he has contributed his opinions as a versatile host on XM Satellite Radio’s popular series, The Capital Hill Blues (source).

Is this show as good as America’s Most Wanted? Is it better?

New episodes begin on Friday, July 7th, 2017 and it looks as if fans will get to see the best of the show throughout the summer.

18 thoughts on “Dan Abrams and Tom Morris Jr of Live PD A&E TV Show

  1. Brenda Burgan

    The man passed out by the car in SC ; did they check to see if he had ID on him?
    It didn’t look like it.

  2. Brenda Burgan

    Love watching you all Live. All officers do a Great job. Hey maybe you can get Seymour Indiana live.

  3. CHolly

    This is Sept. 8, 2017. We’ve been watching reruns now for quite some time on A&E. When will you start showing new programs? So far each Friday and Saturday we see all reruns.

  4. Cassandra Newby

    Tom Morris how tall are you? I saw you on Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hal, and I was surprised at how tall you are

  5. Elizabeth simms

    Hi Dan and Tom. I have a comment that you probably will not like. While I understand that every job is open to male and female, I absolutely find that this particular job of a police officer is best suited for a man. Sorry ladies. I’ve been watching the shows and find that the men can handle the suspects so much better than the women. I don’t see the woman doing to much. It looks to me like even if a woman pulls over a car, that not far behind is a man to help. As a woman myself, if I ever needed a police for anything, I would definitely rather a man take care of my complaint. I also feel the same in other particular jobs. Firemen, lifeguards, mechanics etc. it’s just that a man is so much bigger and stronger and I would feel more safe with the man showing up. Again, nothing against the women, except that I feel there are jobs that are more suited for them. Have you heard this before? What’s your take on this? I guess you couldn’t answer this question honestly, because it would create a lot of problems at work. Thanks for listening. I love you both. Is Tom Morris married?????

  6. Les Heckman

    I have noticed that when officers approach a car on a traffic stop they always touch the left or right rear corner of the vehicle before approaching the door, what is the purpose of this action.

  7. donna hooper

    the ohio police need to watch their filthy mouthes I have kids watching and one of them said G.Dam that’s uncalled for

  8. Susan Resh

    Tom Morris- you need to be corrected! On a show last year- a lady was dragging her feet with a woman Officer from Utah- I think. She claimed her dog was diabetic & you said “dogs can’t get diabetes!” Oh yes they can & just like in humans it can be deadly.
    What prompted me to comment tonight 1/4/19, a man called the police saying his girlfriend hit him. The police were professional but YOU WERE NOT! I get it- he’s a big guy, half drunk, saying his girlfriend whipped him. As the show was going into commercial, you made a snide comment. I don’t care how big he was, how drunk he was- it could have happened. She came out with her keys on a long strap.
    You have never been a victim of domestic violence. My ex husband tried to strangle me & almost succeeded. Not that you would care. You need to take that SERIOUSLY! He was upset enough to call. Your remarks disgust me!


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