Why is the Date Reverting Back to 2012 or 2013 on My Website Search Results?

Over the last week we have noticed a large number of WordPress websites are reverting back to 2012 or 2013 in the Google search results. Even if a page or blog post was published in October or November of 2016 the Google Spiders are finding older dates. In fact, it looks like the dates showing up are the dates in which the WordPress theme was first created. Why would this be happening?


Google has been tinkering with its algorithm and search console lately. They have recently changed the Fetch and Render Tool and there are other areas of the search console that have changed in November 2016. If you are a personal injury lawyer, orthodontist or mortgage broker that gets clients from your website and you have noticed the date change and a drop in search rankings you should not overreact.

From our experience, a change like this is not permanent. The first thing we would suggest is updating the pages and blog posts that receive the most traffic. If you are not doing this already, you are missing out on many search visitors that could be going to competitors. This is an SEO tip we have suggested for years. Once you have updated the posts and pages along with updating the date, you should fetch and render the page in Google Search Console.

It is likely the case that you won’t see immediate results when it comes to the Google Search results, but it should happen over time. Try not to obsess too much over the date beside your website, page or blog post. Instead, publish consistent content that is unique, build links in a natural way and provide a great Internet experience for your website visitors.

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