Will Dawson’s Creek Come to Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Dawson Leery, Joey Potter, Pacey Witter, Jen Lindley, Jack McPhee and Andie McPhee were mainstays on the mind of many teenagers during the 1990s. Dawson’s Creek was the TV show every teenager watched on Wednesday night. In fact, some would argue this was one of WGN’s most popular shows of all time. Sadly, the younger generation today has no idea what Dawson’s Creek. is. It will be interesting to see if that changes if Netflix or Amazon Prime picks up this TV drama.

As of mid 2017, it does not look as if Dawson’s Creek will be picked up by either streaming service. Remember, the owner of the rights to this TV show can make quite a bit of money by selling it in syndication to TBS or WGN. They tend to do this as long as the show remains popular.

What many may not know about Dawson’s Creek is it was filmed on the coast of North Carolina. Dawson’s Creek is not a real place but if it were, it would likely be around Emerald Isle, New Bern or Swansboro. In essence, Dawson, Pacey and Joey would likely have been shopping around for a Swansboro, NC Honda Civic or Accord during before their 16th birthday.

If Dawson’s Creek were made available on Netflix of Amazon Prime, would you binge watch the entire show? Do you want to see it come to the streaming service websites?

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James m Ledford
James m Ledford

Please put this on my wife loves it


It used to be on Netflix a few years back and I just went to restart it and it’s not there anymore. So sad!