Deadpool Tells AC Slater the Movie Will be R Rated

Over the last several days there has been quite the buzz about the MPAA rating or movie rating of the Deadpool movie. Anyone that has read a single Deadpool comic book in their life knows this should not be a PG-13 movie. In the following YouTube video Ryan Reynolds explains his feelings about the movie being rated PG-13 and not R. Mario Lopez, who played AC Slater in Saved by the Bell, quickly finds out how Deadpool feels about the rating of the movie.

In the interview with Mario Lopez, Ryan Reynolds explains that this Deadpool character is not going to be the Deadpool portrayed in the Wolverine movie. Thank god! He mentions that Deadpool is morally flexible and has a motor mouth; he simply won’t shut up. Now that is the Wade Wilson we know and love. At the end of the “Extra” TV Show YouTube video we see Deadpool knock out Mario Lopez and he states, “It’s ok Jessie, Slater can’t hurt you anymore.” This is obviously a reference to Jessie Spano from Saved by the Bell. The Deadpool suit is being worn by Ryan Reynolds in this clip.

Those of us that grew up in the Saved by the Bell generation got quite the kick out of this short YouTube video. I firmly believe Fox is going to market the Deadpool video to a very select audience. That audience is likely to enjoy Reddit, Archer and Donovan Creed books. If you do not like a crude sense of humor with plenty of sexuality laced in the jokes you are not going to like this Deadpool movie and that is just too bad for you. I, personally, cannot wait for it to be released. Are you getting excited for the Deadpool movie?

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