Are DealerOn Leads Not Tracking Correctly in August 2017

If you are a general manager or a car dealership owner contact us at so we can help you get more leads from your website.

In August 2017, the DealerOn Website Report Summary is not correctly tracking leads. For one particular website, we noticed that the total number of Internet leads has been 27 for the first seven days of August yet the Website Report Summary is only showing seven (7) total leads. There is no possible way this particular dealership is getting less than one lead a day.

We are not certain when the metrics are going to be fixed. This is a great time for you to install Google Analytics so you can track your conversations and know with 100% certainty they are accurate. It is also a great opportunity to continue to push content and SEO efforts to make sure you are ranking higher than your competitors. Whether you are a Honda dealership looking to sell 200 cars in a month or a Ford dealership hoping to sell 50 F-series trucks, a great way to increase your sales numbers is with search engine optimization (SEO).

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about ranking higher in Google Search. We can also make certain your DealerOn metrics are tracking properly.

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