Can My Dental Practice Rank on the Front Page of Google Search?

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Can your dental practice rank on the front page of Google search? The answer is absolutely. Given the correct optimization (SEO) and content, almost any dental practice in the United States can rank on the front page of Google search. Note that only board certified dentists will be able to rank as it takes a legitimate dentist to provide the proper services. Before assuming you have no chance to beat out the bigger and “richer” competitors please understand that Google offers a level playing field to all competitors in an industry.

So, how can your dental office beat out the competition and rank on the front page of Google search? The foundation of your web presence is a website. The best dental website you can build is a WordPress website with a theme that meets Google standards. The majority of WordPress themes meet Google standards but there are some customized themes that do not let the Google spiders properly crawl them. If you would like to know if your theme is compatible email us today at and we will offer our professional opinion of your website.

Once you have a WordPress website up and running you will need content in the form of services offered, about our practice, location, contact us and a blog. The more quality content you have, the better. This is a step that most SEO firms and agencies miss. They create 10 to 15 standard pages of content and do nothing to create unique and valuable content. The only way you are going to beat out your competition is to have more and better content. Make sure this is part of your SEO package.

While backend SEO coding is important, it is not as difficult if you have the proper WordPress theme. Each blog post, article page or area of practice resource has its own coding but compatible WordPress themes will do that automatically. This is why it is so important to set up a website properly from the outset. Other back end SEO work will include proper plugins, the correct meta descriptions and title tags. Any SEO company worth your time will be able to do this rather easily.

Lastly, you will need high quality links pointing back to your website. This can be the most challenging part of SEO for dentists and dental offices because who wants to link to a dentist? A great SEO company will go above and beyond to come up with unique strategies to help your dental office receive link backs from high quality websites.

If you can build a website, update it with great content, maintain proper SEO back end coding and acquire high quality links you will be able to rank on the front page of Google search. If you need assistance with this contact us today at We have a team of content writers, graphic designers and SEO specialists that will help you rank on the front page of Google search.

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