What Dental Websites Work on Mobile, Tablets and All Desktop Browsers?

If you are looking for a responsive dental website reach out to us at jesse@wojdylosocialmedia.com.

There are a large number of dental practices that had a website built five or ten years ago and have never updated the site. Unfortunately, many of these dated websites do not rank well in mobile because they do not fit the screen properly. In fact, some antiquated websites might not even fit modern browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox. If your website doesn’t respond properly to the device or browser of the user, there is a good chance they are going to click to a competitor’s website.

Rather than losing potential clients to a competition it is a wise decision to have a modern website. The best type of website to build is a WordPress Responsive website. This type of website will respond to the type of device the user has. If they are using an Apple iPad, it will adjust the size of the website to fit their screen. If they are using an Android smartphone, the website will adjust.

Not only is the theme responsive, it is the best as far as on site SEO for dentists and orthodontists. There are a number of amazing plugins that will automatically perform the proper SEO tasks before publishing any type of content.

Using WordPress is as easy as using your email. It might actually be easier. When logging in to a WordPress dashboard you will easily be able to create a new blog post and publish it with a few clicks of the mouse. Once the blog post has been published, a properly optimized website will quickly get crawled by the Google spiders and your unique content will rank in Google search.

If you are a dentist looking for a modern WordPress theme to help you rank better in Google search reach out to us today at jesse@wojdylosocialmedia.com. We have a team of graphics designers and WordPress experts that can have a brand new WordPress theme for you in less than 60 days. Depending on your desires, we can customize a theme with your logo, professional photos and unique business features. Contact us today to get your new website started.

If you have the desire to add SEO to your website it is wise to do it while the WordPress website is being built. We will be more than happy to properly optimize the backend of the website while it is being built. We will also continue with monthly SEO to help you get more dental clients for your website. Whether you are looking for ongoing monthly SEO or a brand new responsive website that words on mobile, tablets and all browsers, contact us today.

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