Dentists and Orthodontists Using Snapchat to Promote Their Practice

We knew this was coming. It wasn’t going to be long before dentists, orthodontists and other oral surgeons used Snapchat to reach out to the millennial crowd. There is no business that is more dependent on teenagers than the orthodontic industry. Most individuals that get braces or Invisalign do so when they are in their early teens. The large majority of students have a desire to get their braces off by the time they are a sophomore or junior in high school. With this in mind, why aren’t more orthodontists, dentists and oral surgeons using Snapchat?

The answer to that is privacy and time. While Daniel Rubinshtein has become a Snapchat legend as the Snapchat dentist, most professionals simply do not have the time or energy to broadcast what they are doing. Dr. Rubinshtein is a younger dentist and obviously loves social media. The same cannot be said for all those that have completed dental school. It is also important to note that for every Dr. Rubinshtein there are thousands of people on social media that are getting a negative return for their efforts.

You can follow Dr. Rubinshtein at DRubinshtein just to see how he is effectively using Snapchat in his personal life and his business life. It will be very interesting to see if Invisalign specialists jump on the Snapchat bandwagon. This is an out of pocket expense that is a cash cow for a number of orthodontists throughout the United States.

Well known orthodontist Dr. Derek Sanders has become the authority when it comes to Miami Invisalign but he also recognizes that challenges that come with using social media. He has no desire to expose his patients in any way. While a number of doctors and orthodontists will simply have their patients sign a release form, Dr. Sanders recognizes that these types of videos can go viral and may be life changing.

Instead of putting a teenager in the spotlight he would much rather perform the procedure without the challenges of having a smartphone videoing the process on Snapchat. Therein lies the biggest problem with Snapchat. It is not an application that can be used without someone actively holding the phone. It is not like a dentist or orthodontist has a video on their glasses or shoulder. Someone has to hold the phone very close to the mouth of the patient. Obviously, this is a cause for concern and can ultimately lead to issues down the road.

It looks as if Dr. Jason Gladwell in Raleigh, North Carolina is starting up a Snapchat campaign as well. It will be interesting to see just how much this practice is going to push the Snapchat account. They do a great job with Facebook and it would make sense for them to work the Snapchat angle with local Snapchat filters and contests via Snapchat.

If you have gotten braces or have been to the dentist recently, would you allow your dentist or orthodontist to use Snapchat while checking your teeth? Is this something you think will be much more common in the future? We would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.

Update: We have learned highly rated orthodontist in Pensacola, Florida, Clay Sims, has expanded his social media presence and has explored using Snapchat to reach a broader audience. This is especially important with teens giving up Facebook every single day.

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I am looking for oral surgeon on Snapchat for educational purposes. Do you know any user that post that kind od content?
Thank you