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If you are a diamond jeweler or own a Custom Fine Jewelry store and have the desire to increase exposure and brand awareness online please reach out to me at jwojdylo@gmail.com.

Almost every town or city in America has multiple jewelers. At some point or another most men are going to buy the woman of their dreams a diamond ring. Being the jewelry store to sell him that ring takes brand awareness and a commitment to customer service. The Internet has greatly changed the way both men and women are finding the finest jewelry. Instead of driving down main street shoppers are using their laptops, tablets and smartphones to search Google for the “best diamonds in Raleigh, North Carolina”.


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Some jewelers and metalsmiths are are willing to pay $25 to $50, per click, for advertising on the front page of Google search through Google Adwords. Unfortunately, this does not necessarily mean the company will build a strong online presence through their website. They will get direct traffic but it won’t always be through organic search. Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars on Google Adwords diamond jewelers have decided to tackle the challenge of building an online presence through a business website. Building authority through a website takes time, effort and a great strategy. It is often worth it to hire someone that can assist with this strategy.

Social Media and Search Business Marketing Strategy

Prior to 2009 most businesses were not considering social media as part of their marketing strategy. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and Snapchat changed the advertising world that we live in. No longer can a diamond jeweler simply pay for a full page ad in the local newspaper or magazine and expect to have business streaming through the door during the hours of operation. In fact, many of those in the younger generations don’t read magazines or newspapers at all; they are on their smartphones, tablets and laptops.

With young women being one of the target markets for diamond jewelers it makes sense that businesses should go where the potential customers are. Social networks like Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter are dominated by young women that love to share photos. What better way to create a word of mouth marketing campaign than having a beautiful diamond ring shared for the world to see.

The diamond jewelers and metalsmiths that want to stay ahead of the competition are already coming up with strategies to increase their social media presence. They recognize that social sharing is one way that brand awareness is increased. Another popular social network that has come out of nowhere is Google+. Google+ is linked to Google so users already understand the value and trust of the brand. Most importantly, Google+ is linked to Google search, YouTube, Android, Gmail, Google Maps and all things Google.

Building a strong presence on Google+ will only help a business in these areas. The best way to think about Google+ and Facebook is to compare it to a phone book. The white pages, with everyone that lives in a specific area, would be considered Facebook. Most Internet users are on Facebook but they tend to use it for personal reasons such as sharing photos with family members or just checking up on old friends. The yellow pages would be Google+. Google+ created Google+ Local Pages for every business that has a physical address. If you are a jeweler or metalsmith that has a physical address you already have a Google+ Local Page and you may not even know it.

Admittedly, Google+ Local Pages and Google+ Business Pages can be very difficult to understand. Because of this, I have expanded my services to include Google+ help. More and more businesses are realizing they need to increase their activity on Google+ to remain relevant in search and on social media. These businesses struggle with time and resources as Google+ is a very expansive social layer. Many times Google executives have explained that Google+ is a social layer and not just a social network. With Google+ now being a part of Android, Google Maps, GMail, YouTube and Google search it is quite obvious Google wants to continue to expand the Google+ product.

How to Use Google+ to Help a Business

The amount of free tools available on Google+ is remarkable. If you prefer video content there are Google+ Hangouts on Air which convert to YouTube videos. If you are someone that likes to talk, Google+ integrates Soundcloud audio files with ease. If the written word is your method to reach out to your audience and customers Google+ is the social network you should be using. Unlike Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, the culture of Google+ is to have discussions and write at length. Google+ communities are a great place to do this.

Think of Google+ communities as message boards with a business feel. They allow any member of the community to submit a post. They are also a great place to start discussions on a specific topic. I own some communities that are all HDR (high dynamic range) photos and I have some communities that help customers with a specific product. If you sell diamonds or any type of jewelry there is a high likelihood that some of your potential customers would like to ask questions.

Twitter and Facebook have helped businesses to a certain extent but Google+ is even better. The icing on the cake is the fact that all Google+ posts are indexed and ranked in search. This means that any time you answer a question related to your product other users will be able to find it when searching on Google. Businesses that have built a strong online presence know just how important it is to show up for specific search phrases.

All of this is very valuable, but Google+ can be difficult to learn. Several times a week I field phone calls or receive emails from business owners explaining how difficult Google+ is to comprehend and master. They have a firm grasp on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social networks but Google+ is a unique challenge. Part of this is because Google has a reputation to maintain. They cannot index and rank just any person that creates a social profile. If this were the case, Google search would lose users and the trust factor would dissipate.

Google is adamant about offering free services but some of these services can be robust and hard to learn. Fortunately, I have worked diligently to digest all the information provided by Google. I also have strong relationships with individuals working in the Google+ product. This has allowed me to accumulate over 550,000 followers and expand my services to many businesses.

If you are a diamond jeweler or any type of metalsmith that is looking to expand their online presence please feel free to reach out to me at jwojdylo@gmail.com. I offer unique packages that will help you to get more +1s, comments, reshares and Google+ interaction. It will also help you to gain natural links which will help the SEO of your website. Learning how to use Google+ and growing your Google+ Local or Business Page could take thousands of hours. You can reduce that learning curve by simply hiring someone that has the knowledge and experience of how to use Google+ effectively.

As we continue to move forward in the social media ecosystem it makes sense that Google+ will matter more. Google created the social layer to connect the web. Connecting to people that are looking to buy a diamond ring or diamond earrings could be the difference in a very successful business and a business that has to close its doors. Take the steps to help expand your business through a strong online presence.

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