What Do the Different White Ghosts on Snapchat Mean?

UPDATE: With Snapchat 2.0 comes a number of changes including more places in which we are seeing the Snapchat white ghosts. Users are seeing them beside their friends, on the Added Me screen and Add Friends from an address book in the phone.

At this point, we are unaware of a way to change this white ghost. You can take a selfie for your Snapchat ghosts but you cannot manually select a different type of white ghost to show up when your friends see it on their list.

When someone you do not know adds you on Snapchat you will either see a Selfie Ghost or a white ghost with a funny face. The white ghosts look like this:


I believe these are all the ghosts that show up when someone new adds you. Note that the black one is often a selfie ghost. At this point, I do not know how you can see another user’s selfie ghost if they are already your friend. The only trick is to remove them as a friend and if they have added you you will see them on the added friends list.

I have no idea why a specific white ghost shows up for any given user. If anyone knows why please feel free to comment below. I get over 100 new Snapchat followers every single day and I have not been able to come up with a reason as to why one user has a smilie white ghost and another has a sad face or crying face.

I would love to know more as to why certain white ghosts pop up on Snapchat. If you have any information do not hesitate to comment below.

119 thoughts on “What Do the Different White Ghosts on Snapchat Mean?

  1. Kayla

    I know what a few mean, because I know my relationships with users in my list! Fourth row, second in means you deleted them. I think second row, second in means you blocked them. Second row, fourth in means they added you but they aren’t in your contact list at all. Third row, second in means you added them and are waiting for them to add you back. Not sure about the rest!

    1. Rose

      Third row second in dose not mean that cause a person I added had that when they added me don’t know what it means though ?

  2. Sheaden

    I think it’s the amour of times you snap a person, like if you’re a boy and you always snap girls then you have a winky face ghost, and if people snap you a lot you have the one with the bubble gum (: (I think)

      1. Gabby

        no,the bubblegum does not mean they added you by phone number. I do not know what it means, but I know it doesn’t mean that because on my phone that is next to Justin Bieber… and I can guarantee you he doesn’t have my number nor has he added me back?…although I wish he did both…lol

  3. Snapper AHEWITT034

    PLEASEEEEEEEE tell me how you get 100 followers a day!!! My stories are great but I want to share them with more people. I’m 24, Cali girl, I snap spontaneous adventures, selfies of course, funny moments, & family.If that sounds interesting to you then add me!

  4. Rose

    Third row second in dose not mean that cause the person I added had that ghost when they added me ?Don’t know what it means though !

  5. Cheese Puff

    Now if you look at your my friend list, they have the white ghost face on them now!! My top three best friend got the same face of row 4, second from the left! Don’t know what that means and it is really bugging me

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  7. Chris

    Idk what they mean either.. Someone add me so I can see what you have: crimeboss I know silly name but that’s the point of Snapchat isn’t it?

  8. Caileigh

    Mines different it has a really relaxed face almost looks high I guess and 2 pink flowers to the right of its head

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  10. cassie

    the one with the middle finger either means they unadded you or blocked you idk, but a few friends that I stopped talking to and my ex have that one on my phone

  11. Kobi daye @kenopuppy21

    Do you think that maybe they’re of the face you make the most?my friend Dylan had the one flipping a bird and he’s always flipping people off. Also friend Bridget is always count so hers was the sad one

    1. Jed I Knight

      What does the heart eyes mean, because it appears on my friends (she’s a girl and I’m a boy) and we’ve talked 300+ messages.

  12. Claro Ysabel

    What does the heart eyes mean? I searched someone’s name that I’ve never added before and it has heart eyes help pls

  13. aaaaaaaaa

    Can Anyone Just tell me what Does the Second GHOST in THIRD ROW mean ?
    Your answers Would be of great help.

  14. Emily

    What’s 4th row 3rd ghost mean?!?! Looks like it’s chewing it’s nails πŸ˜‚πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

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  17. Summer

    Im not sure what they mean but i think you are righting saying a wink face or love struck eyes appears next to boys that talk to alot of girls because i have several boys and they are all girls boys, also i think its good that if your going out with them, its a bit of a way to help keep track at what hes doingπŸ˜‰
    Sc – summerlaurenxox

  18. Royce

    Pretty sure none of them actually mean anything. If you go to find friends & start typing in a name, you’ll notice the ghost changes for every letter you type. So it just depends on the number of characters in their snapchat name.

  19. Caileen Kehayas

    Hi Jesse,

    I noticed you write a good deal about Snapchat so I wanted to share with you an Infographic I created about Snapchat marketing. I dropped the link in my website info πŸ™‚


  20. Rachel

    The ghosts are assigned dependant on your username. Each letter has been assigned a numerical value and a formula has been applied, the outcome determines your ghost. This can be seen if you use the add friend button and type in different letters.

  21. Brittany

    My boyfriend has the has the first row last in ghost before it loads his picture. But it says were each other’s #1 best friend πŸ’›

  22. Anilo

    Probably I will break it down:)
    The meaning is not based on your name character calculation you can have similiar nicks with different icon easily. Is how particular user using snapchat and it’s relation to snapchat service. For example ghost with hearts in eyes mean that user is quite active on Snapchat and usualy sending love messages, with hearts. If sad face he using more sad oriented messages. Some smilies are calculated only how often user using snapchat, more, less, not at all. What was last 10 messages etc. Flashing, selfies, videos etc.

  23. Ginger

    Add me on snap at Gingee.5837 also when you add me tell me what ghost I have and I will tell u what ghost u have:)

    1. Tiffany Partin

      I have no idea what ghost I am to other people. My ex that I talk to has hearts in the ghosts eyes. What does that mean and how can I figure out what I have?

  24. Alexandria Linkinhoker

    I think has to do with the person and their account. These people have that ghost symbol even before you add them so I don’t think it has anything to do with relationship and the ghost doesn’t change based on how often you snap them or they snap you. That’s what the Emojis are for…

  25. Samantha Lynn

    The white snap chat ghosts were mildly upsetting for me because I opened my snap chat and saw a sad ghost emoji right beside a guy I recently broke up with. I didn’t like seeing that because just because I broke up with him doesn’t mean I like the thought of him being sad over me. There was also a ghost with heart shaped eyes coincidentally next to another guy who has a mutual crush on me. A part of me does hope the ghosts are meaningless because I don’t like being reminded that I caused someone emotional pain. I would rather think he was happy and already wrapped around another girl’s finger. Poor ex-boo 😭😩


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