A Disaster Called the Fyre Festival

Are you into hanging out with hot models in the Caribbean while watching your favorite musical acts? Thanks to Ja Rule and his business partner Billy McFarland, anyone into this could suddenly make this dream a reality by purchasing a Fyre Festival ticket for a mere few thousand dollars. The ticket came loaded with promises of models, music, and the Caribbean in all of its glory. Fyre Festival was going to be the next Coachella, and the hotness of it was going to overtake all of our news feeds.

Newsflash, Fyre Festival did overtake all of our news feeds, but not because Kendall Jenner was next to you in a cabana singing along to Blink 182’s show. Fyre festival will likely go down as the biggest story in festival history. It is also a story of betrayal and disaster severe enough to dub the festival as a real life Hunger Games.

The notion of Fyre Festival began when the most famous roster of super models to ever unanimously promote a product started promoting the festival through their Instagram accounts. We are not talking about your average model promotion where a pretty girl with 70,000 followers tweets about an event. Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and Hailey Baldwin among other top models pushed out Fyre Festival promotions to fans- reaching millions and millions of people.

Standard tickets to Fyre Festival were between $850 and $12000 dollars, and thanks to great marketing and a refreshing festival concept, people bought into the tickets for not one weekend, but in some cases two. The lineup included everyone from Blink 182 to Major Lazer, and general admission tickets actually sold out. There were even premium packages that went up to $250,000 for the weekend. That is right, $250,000 for a weekend at a brand new music festival. This was all exciting and great, until weekend one of the festival approached.

Blink 182 cancelled their headlining performance right before festival goers started arriving to the Bahamas. The band cited a lack of infrastructure as the reason they would no longer be able to play at the festival, which certainly made everyone scratch their heads. A lack of infrastructure is typically the last thing fans worry about when deciding whether to go see their favorite bands perform.

On the morning of April 28, Fyre officially solidified its position as the biggest scam in festival history. Festival goers arrived to a barron wasteland. Luxury accommodations were disaster relief tents, and many people simply had no accommodations at all. Flights were eventually halted by the Bahamian government due to their claims that the island was not equipped to deal with the mass influx of people. Those on the festival grounds were stranded, and there was hardly electricity, food or running water causing mass outrage. The below tweet has since gone viral to display the meager food the festival had available to those who were stuck.

As horrifying as this is, it is ironic that one of the most expensive festivals to buy into is the one that left attendees stranded in such dire conditions. I would be willing to bet these people weren’t the “camping/survival of the fittest” type given they came to lounge in cabanas with influencers. It is apparent that this disaster was enough to be a challenge for any one, but it is even worse that attendees planned for a luxurious trip only to be stranded in a foreign country.

Fyre Festival has certainly gotten as much, if not more, press attention then we ever could have expected. When CNN is reporting on a music festival, that is when you know it is bad. Next article we will discuss the public responses, law suits, and major players of the disaster that is Fyre Festival.

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