Disney Joins Snapchat for Behind the Scenes Movie Action

Almost all major media companies are joining Snapchat. It makes sense as this is a way for them to offer behind the scenes looks into the action. Disney will also be able to drop trailers and special contests for fans. If there has ever been the right demographic for Disney it is on Snapchat. We know that anyone and everyone between the ages of 13 and 34 is on Snapchat. I would imagine young girls will be all over this waiting to see something from their favorite princess. The username is DisneyStudio and here is the Snapchat QR Code:


How do you think Disney should use Snapchat? Should they make major announcements about movies coming out? Should they answer fan questions? Should they run contests? It is ripe for the taking on Snapchat right now and Disney could absolutely kill it with the younger audience. Just wait until they start hiring Snapchat experts to get them more followers and engagement. See ya later Facebook, it is now time for Snapchat to take over social media.

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