Do Retweets Matter for SEO?

Well, I have heard it all in my Internet marketing career. Some people have spent tens of thousands of getting useless Facebook likes and now people are buying retweets or RTs. Why would someone spend money on retweets? Well, I would assume they think it will get them some type of exposure or SEO juice. With Google now indexing tweets it would make sense that a tweet with a large number of retweets will have SEO value, right? Not so fast.

One of the most important factors when it comes to SEO value is the user experience. Time and again Google has encourage webmasters to keep the end user in mind and their SEO would work itself out. If Google is concerned about the end user why would they place a significant value on a 140 character tweet. If the tweet has a link the amount of content is going to be around 100 characters. Is there a single Internet user that finds value in 100 words or less? Will this ever help someone that is looking to research a topic?

If you are a personal injury lawyer, orthodontist, mortgage broker or real estate agent you know there is very little value in Twitter. You may be able to reach out to some journalists or website owners that could link back to your article but this is highly unlikely. Unless you are already an authority most people using Twitter are not going to use links that have been tweeted out.

So, if you are currently paying for retweets or if you think retweets have SEO value you may want to reconsider. Spend your money elsewhere by getting amazing content that has never been published on the Internet. You may even want to save up so you can afford a monthly SEO package from a company that knows how to rank at the top of Google search. If said company is spending all day tweeting it is highly likely they do not know how to rank at the top of Google search.

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