Dubai Life Snapchat Story on April 14th, 2015

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First we had NYC Life, then LA Life and now we have Dubai Life. I am not going to try to fool anyone into thinking I know much about Dubai. That being said, the Snapchat Story featured some amazing pictures and videos so I learned a little bit in just over 200 seconds. Here are some of the screenshots I took of this particular Snapchat Story:

goodnight-dubai-snapchat-story camel-dubai-snapchat-story dubai-amazing-hotel-snapchat-story dubai-car-snapchat-story dubai-mall-snapchat-story dubai-hotel-snapchat-story dubai-life-snacphat-story

Some of these videos and pictures were quite unique with amazing hotels, a car driving on two wheels and a camel. I would imagine we are going to start seeing many more Snapchat Stories based on a specific city or location. Does anyone else think Snapchat should do some geo focused stories on small towns in the south? That would be hilarious!

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