When Will Duck Hunt Be on Nintendo Switch Online? Release Date?

Now that we know Nintendo Switch Online will debut in the summer of 2017 and be available for $20 a month in 2018 there are millions that are looking for specific games. One of the original Nintendo games with the strongest demand is Duck Hunt. Now that the Nintendo Switch controllers or joycons can do much more than the original NES, it will likely be the case that you won’t have to but that Nintendo gun.

So, what will the release date for Duck Hunt be for Nintendo Switch Online? Our guess is that this will be one of the first games made available sometime in late 2017. That said, we are not 100% certain if the game will be on the Netflix of video games by Nintendo.

As soon as we hear more on a definite release date, we will publish it here. Will you purchase Nintendo Switch Online if Duck Hunt is one of the games? Are you excited to see how good you are at Duck Hunt after all of these years? What other games should Nintendo release on Nintendo Switch Online?

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