Eivin and Eve Kilcher of Alaska: The Last Frontier Discovery TV Show

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For the first time, I sat down and watched Alaska: The Last Frontier on Thursday, February 26th, 2015. I know, I am very late to the party. After quite the discuss about Billy Bryan Brown and the Alaskan Bush People I thought it would be a good idea to educate myself about the Kilchers. Much like the Alaskan Bush People the Kilchers live “off the land” on a homestead. Unlike the Alaskan Bush People, the Kilchers seem a little more modernized, educated and sanitized.

When watching the first show I was immediately drawn to the relationship of Eivin and Eve Kilcher. First off, Eivin is a very interest way to spell Evan but that is neither here nor there. Secondly, what are the odds that Eivin and Eve meet in the remote state of Alaska? I digress.

eve-kilcher-alaska-the-last-frontier eivin-kilcher-alaska-the-last-frontier

During the first show I viewed I learned quite a bit about the Alaskan homestead in which these two, and their family, resides. They have chickens, ducks, cows, horses and even a yak. The yak got loose and they had to lasso it and tie it back to the post in this particular episode. We also get to see Eve attempt to cut off the head of a chicken for the first time. She actually missed on her first attempt but killed the chicken on the second attempt. No, they did not show the chicken being beheaded on the Discovery Channel.

Another interesting part of the show was when a hawk got caught in their chicken coop. The two had to work together to finally get the hawk out before it killed any of the chickens. I would imagine there are plenty of problems with birds of prey taking chickens for a meal.

Eve is currently pregnant with their little boy Finley on the way. The Kilchers have to create a well in which running water will get to their house. I find it quite interesting that the family has excavators and backhoes just sitting around on the homestead. These pieces of equipment are worth around $100,000 to $150,000. It is not like it is going to the local WalMart to pick up a hammer and nails.

How Much Do the Kilchers Get Paid Per Episode?

This is the question that gets asked of every single reality TV family. At this point, no one has seen the actual contract for the Kilchers. That said, they have to be making some money as there has been a very strong push towards “Alaskan” type shows over the last few years; especially on the Discovery Channel. The show first aired on December 29th, 2011 so it is one of the older Alaskan shows on TV right now.

From this show came the push for other type of frontier type shows including the Alaskan Bush People. Heck, there are even gold shows that discuss mining for gold in Alaska and other remote parts of the world. If you know how much the Kilchers get paid per episode please feel free to comment below with that information.

Alaskan Bush People vs the Kilchers

There has been quite the debate as to which of these two people are real. In fact, some avid watchers of each show have started a heated argument about which one depicts the real lives of the Brown’s and the Kilchers. Honestly, I have no idea which of these families happens to be real or fake. I have never been to Alaska nor do I have any desire to make life challenging without technology and modern amenities. I do respect the people that can do that but I have zero experience in that part of life.

If you or anyone you know has lived off the land and would like to discuss which family is more “real” please feel free to do so in the comments below. I would love to know your thoughts.

2016 Season and Future Seasons

At the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 there have been a number of Alaska: The Last Frontier marathons on the Discovery Channel. Over Thanksgiving and Christmas millions of viewers were able to watch dozens of shows back to back. If you had never watched the show before you were able to quickly catch up with what is going on with the Kilchers.

From what I understand, the Discovery Channel is going to continue to produce both this TV show and Alaskan Bush People into 2016. With both TV shows getting very high ratings it makes sense for the Discovery Channel to keep pushing these type of frontier shows. Many people have asked if the Kilchers get paid more money the longer the show is on TV. This is something that only the Kilchers and the Discovery Channel know. You would be shocked to see just how little actors and actresses of these types of reality TV shows are making. Let’s just say they are not making a million dollars an episode.

133 thoughts on “Eivin and Eve Kilcher of Alaska: The Last Frontier Discovery TV Show

  1. david

    I currently live in New Jersey and took a trip to Alaska which I normally do because I am an avid skierI came across the homesteaders to find out which they make around 15 to 19 thousand dollars an episode per season the fifth season will be different which I have not obscured the total payment but probably be around 25,000

    1. Clifton Owens

      The Kilcher family is by far, my favorite. I don’t care if they get paid per episode, kudos to them. I do know that Atz, Sr. has a country singing daughter that gets paid very well and deserves it. Her father Atz, also is a singer/song writer and a famous yodeler. If you watch the show and listen, there is a reason that they do not utilize the grocery stores. They live off of the land and I do not blame them for not eating meat that comes from commercial slaughter houses full of diseases, antibiotics and poisons. An animal freshly hunted in the wild and a vegetable freshly grown on your homestead is the best for good health. It’s my understanding that Otto is able to use/borrow any kind of equipment he may need to use around the homestead because of his earlier back ground. The Kilchers rock and I am a huge fan of Alaska the last frontier. As far as Alaskan Bush People, that show is so fake, I can’t stand to watch it.

      1. Pat

        My girlfriend lives in Homer and we see them at the grocery store all of the time “filling” up their freezers and at the local restaurants. Yes they do ranch and live off the land a bit, but no more than your average Alaskan. All you lower 48’s are easily duped by these shows. Also being a commercial fisherman. I’ve had many friends on the deadliest catch, which is probably more real than some shows, but even that show stages things and does multiple takes of things you’d never do while commercial fishing. Just saying..

        1. Dorothy

          This is the best show on TV. It seems to me that you are jealous. Don’t Make snide remarks and try to ruin the entertainment for the rest of us.

          1. Kiel Mossa

            This show sucks along with the other reality shows that have been created for a post literate TV society. Read a book. Travel while you can. But stop watching this crap on the discovery channel. Alaskan Bush People, Gold Rush… Damn. Moonshiners, Naked and Afraid…the list is stupid and long. Cheap shows for cheap minds!

        2. Jane

          I’m wondering how much and often the kilchers are at the grocery loading up a couple carts to fill their freezers?
          I’m certain that they use the grocery–so what. They’ve never implied that they don’t.
          Those of us who live in the lower 48 are not all quite the idiots that you seem to think. Look, I, for one, can read, write and form an opinion!!!

        3. Nanette Ward

          To Pat and everyone else with nothing nice to say:

          Atz & Otto, etc are NOT WORTH MILLIONS – the site you got the erroneous info from is not a truthful website! Where on earth would either of them get millions of dollars?!
          Brigham Young said the moon was made of green cheese (he really did say that) – does that make it true?!

          Otto got his big yellow excavator from the crew that came and cut down all the dead timber from the beetle invasion, in trade for some of the timber.
          He got his landing craft (which everybody calls a barge) for free, and most recently a crane, free as well.
          The huge gigantic massive behemoth excavator, he borrowed from a friend across the bay.

          He said of his Alison Chalmers red tractor and hay cutting rig one time: “This little baby has gone around a lot of the hay fields around here.” – That’s just one way to either barter, or make cash to pay for electricity, propane, or the trips to the big box store to buy toilet paper & ZipLock baggies (which are washable & re-usable).

          To the person who said Jewel got them the show (however they put it) for them. – NO, Jewel did not get them hooked up with Discovery.
          Whomever gave Discovery the Kilcher’s name must have been the king crab boat Captain in Homer. His boat is used in ‘America’s Deadliest Catch’. He and Otto are long-time friends. That’s my best guess. (Both of them going to the Emmys must have been a bit awkward, lol.)

          For the rude person mentioning Atz glassing for the killer wolf, then him walking over to the (stiff) wolf, it was obviously a re-enactment of what actually did happen. He would never just go shoot a wolf for the damned show.
          Maybe the camera crew wasn’t there yet. There’s tons of stuff to take along when headed for a location. Miles to travel, gullies to cross, a river or two, etc. Maybe one of the crew was bent down behind a tree when the sighting & the shot occurred. ?

          To the people wondering why Atz Sr. does what he does – he has PTSD from the Vietnam ‘war’. People like me who suffer with PTSD, tend to feel most at ease all by themselves. Bonnie has a deal worked out with him about this, obviously, why can’t you guys be nice?! He also used to be an abusive alcoholic. He has fought that beast and won. Give him some kudos.

          Along the same vein, Atz Lee doesn’t have ‘a fear of horses’ – he just hated the very thought of being around horses and his (abusive) Dad when he was young, he said so on one of the episodes. (Atz Sr’s given name is actually Attila, if you can believe that!)
          Thank God Atz Sr. has mellowed a lot. Atz Lee and Jewel said so themselves.

          NONE of the family has ever intimated they were off-grid. None of them. Electricity is one thing they all have to pay dollars for. Why would Otto run out and pay for a ‘real’ electric washer, if he’d just have to add that to his electricity bill? – Why was he ecstatic when that OLD generator finally came back to life? Because of power outages.
          The same thing goes for everyone’s propane tank fills – what they can’t get themselves, they either have to pay dollars for, or barter to get dollars to use. How on earth is this bad, or deceptive?

          For you, Pat, and everyone who keeps bitching that ‘the Kilchers wouldn’t die if they didn’t shoot a deer ‘- yes, you’ll catch Atz Lee in Safeway, purchasing tomatillos and a block of cheddar cheese – so what?! I don’t think they grow citrus in their high tunnels either, jerk.

          The family members we see on the show (Atz Lee & Jane’s two children are kept off for safety reasons) live the self-sustaining lifestyle because they chose to – not because they’re 10 feet from the north pole. Why is it a bad thing that Homer is a gallon of gas away?!

          One idiot up there ^ even holds it against the Kilchers if they eat at a restaurant. WTHell?!
          Newsflash – whenever little Homer’s movie theater has a new film, Otto, Charlotte and August go see it.

          To all the nice people who had pleasant things to say, thank you. Civility is a wonderful thing.

          My own questions?

          Why did Charlotte, August’s Mom, and Eve laugh when Eivin mentioned they’d use the little crib/cradle/bassinet until August needs it. Not sure what that was about. Esp since Charlotte is his Mom. (Possible reason:) I don’t think he is sort of the Forrest Gump of the family by choice. He can’t have been left out of nearly every learning experience because he was in school every hour of every day. One minute he tells us his Papa says “just have fun” – the next he’s getting yelled at and demeaned on camera for not being a seasoned expert at surveying (plumbing for the house bit) by his Dad. He sure is very forgiving of his egotistical, control freak, passive aggressive Dad, he loves him so much. I hope August and his cute friend get married, he seems such a wonderful young man – she’d be in good hands.
          You can follow August by looking up MisterGinger on twitter – or was it instagram?

          Second question, is Charlotte Dena’s sister or cousin?

          PS: If you purchase E&E’s cookbook, the precious pictures of tiny Eve on Yule’s horse, and sitting by Otto when she was probably 3 are reason enough to get it. She stayed near the Kilchers with her Dad during the summers. Otherwise she lived with her Mom Dena in Strawberry Point, which is now Gustavus.
          Like she said in season one, “I have known Eivin as long as I can remember.”

      2. Dee

        Jewel Is Atz daughter and Shan and Atz lee are her brother you can see pic on the net of them she also sings the theme song with her dad

      3. Janice Salas

        I love all the Kilcher Clan,, they rock .. all are my favorite ,each in his or her own way . I’m a fan from the beginning ,even all re-runs . I swear ,Otto and Eivan can make anything , Jane ain’t scared of anything ,and Charlotte is like the energizer bunny .Love them !! Atz best cowboy and Hunter. Atz Lee ,,tougher than a boot ! Bonnie and Eve are sweethearts too . YOU ALL ROCK !!

    2. Nancy

      Right. You ran into the Kilcher family and they told you exactly what they make each episode. You’re funny! This must be what they’re referring to now as “fake news”.

    3. Ted

      After watching the last frontier and bush people for two years I truly believe that the kilchers are the real deal they are working on a forth generation homestead and the hardest working and happyest family I’ve seen they all seem to have a mind of there own where the browns seem to follow Mom and Dad. Never lived there it’s brutal I’m sure so congratulations to all that can survive Alaska”s last frontier.

  2. Jeffrey Maltz

    I went to Alaska in 2013 and ran into some people who at that time a lot of Gold Rush was set up, they gave on group the gold for end of the season.i don’t really believe that is what is going on ,on GR now with the young kid getting over 2M in gold. I was in Kelchina( below Denali ) and was told the tv always come around &try to use many of the people for free. Who really knows except for the Discovery ch.

  3. Barb Lilly

    First – I’d like to make a suggestion that you find a rural homestead that would allow you to come stay, help out and learn. The skills you learn could be life saving. My husband and I have a small place in Washington State and we have for many years grown most of our food. We are now getting older and cutting back from what we used to do but we still raise and butcher chickens, have hens and plenty of eggs, put in a large garden and tend a small orchard. I freeze, can, & dry a lot of food stuffs throughout the year. We have done all these things and still had full time jobs. We are retired now and no longer raise beef or sheep but we still stay busy preserving and keeping our two freezers full. Old friends from work and our children have all said “if times get tough or their is a food shortage, they know where they are heading – the Lilly farm”. So stretch yourself and go learn self-sufficiency. Its good for your soul.

    1. Karen

      Hey!! Sounds interesting. I live in Eatonville, Washington. I used to work at Pioneer Farm Museum. It’s a hands on learning tour for kids to learn the old ways. Do you do that? If you would be so kind as to email me or facebook me if you do. Karen Cawthorn (susy). wolftales49@gmail.com. Thanx.

    2. Sandy Viera

      I agree with Barb! My husband and I have put in gardens each year and he has hunted for deer each year. Even though we are getting older and his health is not really that good we are still trying to put up food for ourselves to cut costs and eat healthier. We do live in town so we cannot raise the livestock like we would want to but everything we do still assists us to live just a little bit more sustainable lifestyle. We only work part time, but we still manage to get by. I also make crafts and sell at local farmers markets during the summer months. This also helps make ends meet and get us by.

    3. Carlton G Sloan

      I was raised on a remote farm in Western Pa, 58- 65. Hard living, good food, basicly good times. Biggest p5I had was explaining that the outhouse was real. One other thing at 67 I am still a strong, knowledgeable man.

  4. Rick

    I have lived in Alaska ,have known and have lived the life somewhat.I was born in Skagway ,raised a lot of my life in Kodiak,chugiak,areas.I also knew a family which reminds me of the Brown family.I have also met the Kilcher family.Otto once at the homestead when my com.fishing partner and I traded some Crab for fresh venison from one a the fellows from the homestead.this was years ago and I mean years ago.so people that question about the browns or the Kilcher go meet them and see. For .yourself.

  5. Hilda Holbrook

    I really enjoy watching how well they do without all the new modern things.I think they have a better love for each other and the environment and seem to really love and enjoy life.I would really like to visit them

    1. Sandy Viera

      I too watch their show and am amazed at how well they do and are able to provide for their families without the amenities that most folks have. I live in Iowa and know families that live a sustainable lifestyle around here and in southern Missouri. I have a garden every year, my husband deer hunts every year and we put up most of what we foriage. I also sell garden items and homemade crafts at local farmers markets during the summer months. We enjoy it and it also assists in living just a bit more sustainably. I have said to my husband several times on occasion and he agrees, we would love to acquire a few acres and have a little hobby farm of our own and live better lives.

  6. JD Webb

    I was about 98% self-sufficient on a small spread in Northern Colorado just north of Fort Collins in the early 70’s. This kind of lifestyle is not for everyone as it requires a commitment bigger than you think. It is sunup to sundown, every day. There are no holidays, no days off, no paid sick days and no vacation. Its every day, all day and then some. If you can do without your cellphone, tablet, PC, laptop for a week, you might qualify. You have to have respect for the lifestyle as well. We raised our own meat, poultry, dairy, and produce. We drove to the Western slope to get fruits. We killed & butchered, canned, preserved and froze everything we ate, all this while working a full time job as a driller in the oil fields. My health keeps me from doing it today, but being retired hasn’t kept me from canning my own vegetables, freezing and preserving what I can.

  7. Bp5simp

    The Kilchers homestead has been outside Homer AK for decades. Started by Otto and Atz Kilchers father in the 1920’s. They’ve built up a family owned homestead and don’t pretend to be anything other than what they are.

  8. Deanna

    I like watching these reality shows. And, I’d love to meet the Kilchers. I admire them. I don’t think I could handle living in Alaska, but, I wouldn’t mind visiting. Missouri’s my home.

  9. Mike

    Hello the kitchenr family is 100 percent real nothing fake at all. Now the Busch people are fake I’m sure of it and dis like the tv show. I live in Vermont 15 miles from Canada and live on a farm most of my life and love every bit and everything of my life.

  10. Sissy

    Love the show! Do you live on the homestead all year long and do you eat the animals that you kill? It must be pretty gamey tasting.

    1. Sandy Viera

      Eating what you kill is the best part. No it does not taste gamey….it is all in how you field dress and prepare it. The meat is totally organic and better for you than store bought meat.

  11. Mike Beasley

    I’m a HUGE FAN of the KILCHERS “ALASKA,The Wild Frontier !!” I have the upmost respect for the Kilchers and their LifeStyle !! Altho they have almost every kind of Heavy Equipment that is Imaginable. Even if they buy these items and then have to repair them to make them Operational, I Still can’t figure out how they can afford all of it.The Brown family on “Alaskan Bush People ” Is a completely different story. This family to me seems to be completely Untrustworthy. The one son that likes to climb trees and always runs seems to have somekind of a mental Problem. When he catches a fish and then he beats it with his fist to kill it is so INHUMANE !! I’m surprised that Discorvery Channel shows him beating the fish this way. The Kilchers show respect for the animal when they take it’s life. The Brown’s on the other hand will BEAT A FISH TO DEATH THEN I”VE SEEN THEM BITE INTO THE FISH & TAKE A BITE OUT OF IT RAW!! How sick is this. I’m not a Peta follower or anything, but Discovery needs to take a better look at what is going on . Just my Thoughts.

    1. Kat Goodrich

      Mike Beasley: I LOVE the Kilcher family.. They are respectful of the animals they kill for food. The Heavy Equipment you “wonder how they can afford all of it”…Well most or ALL of it is Quite old. Probably some is what their father purchased when he left Switzerland, moving to Alaska. They RECYCLE ALL the equipment, tools, nails etc etc…These people waste NOTHING!! I find it quite amazing how they do the stuff they do!! As for the Brown Family, They lived in the city a couple times (EVERYONE) bringing in money, that was saved in order to purchase land/tools/equipment things needed..They also ALL LIVED IN A SMALL APPARTMENT, so most of the money could be saved… I DON’T think they are fake; The Brown family is just as real as the Kilchers’ & they recyle everything they use too. Beating a fish to death,( grant it “Bear” does get carried away) is NO MORE cruel than one of the Kilchers’ shooting a bear/moose etal & having to run after it, track it down & shoot it again because the First shot wasn’t a “KILL SHOT”… You also “complain” about the Browns’ ” BITE INTO THE FISH & TAKE A BITE OUT OF IT RAW”. How different is that then SUSHI??? Indians aka Native Americans back in the day, ate fish raw & other animal parts as well (Heart-Liver-Tongue for example).. Personally I WANT the discovery channel to CONTINUE filming & bringing new Episodes for as long as the families will allow them to…The ONLY thing I want to know is what happened to the 2 kids that were living with Jane & Atz Lee’s in the VERY FIRST episode/ Season ONE back in 2011…I am watching it as I type & was surprised to see them as a family of four (as the narrator said)??? Were these Jane’s kids from a former spouse & they ended up not wanting to live in ALASKA anymore?? Or do they just live with their Dad in a town far from the Kilcher family “compound”??? Interesting to find out..

      1. Cindy Mock

        Just read your comment and wanted to answer your question about Jane and Atz Lee’s kids. The kids live with them, but Jane and Atz Lee have decided not to allow them to be part of the show. Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of them, but it’s seldom, and the producers of the show are very respectful of Jane and Atz decision.

      2. Stash

        A lot of the kiltchers have lived outside of Alaska for periods of time from what I read including Jewels father, I feel the Kiltchers are a bit overrated and have a lot more conveniences than Brown’s, I would like to know if the kiltchers use state and federal land . I find it hard to believe that they could amass 600 acres just from living off the land, something just doesn’t add up to me.

        1. Wanda Woodworth

          Otto & Atz’s Dad came to AK in 1936. The government was granting land for homesteaders and Yule Kilcher ended up getting 600 acres. He had a wife and 8 children.

          The Homestead Act allowed one homestead of 160 acres maximum for each family to stake claim in. Homesteaders were then required to live on the land, have a residence built on the land, and begin farming a minimum of 10% of the land within the first five years to receive legal ownership (Alaska, 2008a).
          There were several steps that were taken before staking a claim in Alaska and once the homesteader completed the steps required to seek ownership he or she would find out if the filing of land ownership was accepted or rejected. Some homesteaders had to apply more than once to receive rights to claim the land (Alaska, 2008a).

        2. CD73

          Browns are as faked as it gets same like all the nice real estate shows buying Alaska from “personal knowledge” being there when they staged the show with 3 properties that have not been for sale…paid the owners some money to stay out of the way and put the faked New York couple in there lol. 9 hrs later our friend was back in her house with good cash and they had a show. Also going to Dutch Harbor where the show stays in the same hotel and they read and learn their script. Just saying

      3. Tionia

        The Browns live in town when they aren’t filming and for awhile didn’t even live in Alaska. They were collecting money that is given to people living there and there was some legal problems for them for doing that.
        The Kilchers actually live on the homestead with other siblings. They talk about family(like Jewel) who doesn’t live there or even Alaska so why wouldn’t they be anything but truthful?

        Give me real every time.

    2. Demort71

      I have seen Jane kill salmon by smashing them in the head with a rock repeatedly. What is the difference between a rock and a fist? Result is same. The Brown boys are odd. They do love each other like the Kilchers and that is a more positive message than many shows have such as hunting zombies or vampires! LOL

    3. ted thomas

      If you look close enough you can see the heavy equipment is 20 years old or more. Was probably bought second hand to boot. The 4 wheelers are newer and paid for with money from from the show I’m sure or gold. ired
      This is the best reality shows on tv bar none. I used to watch the “Swamp People” but got tired of the bickering and bragging.

  12. Lynette Foote

    I Love the Alaskan Frontier I just wonder how they get all the equipment they use? That’s really all that my husband and I wonder about. They work hard and love that they have generations of family there..

    1. Jake Jacobs

      Otto is a Master Mechanic and works on old and broken down heavy equip, he also has a boating transportation business so they have barges, I am sure repairs for that kinda stuff doesnt come cheap in that area so some type of barter may also come into play here “ie” I’ll fix that one if you give me this one….. ya just never know……. ha!

    2. Jessica

      They get their equipment through generations, and also Otto Kilcher has a $4 million dollar net worth. I’m sure his brother has about the same. That homestead has been there since the early 1900s when their dad and mom built it. I’m sure they’ve added onto it. But that homestead and family helps the community, and sells enough, that I’m sure they have PLENTY of money. And Otto is a MASTER mechanic and machinist, so I’m sure he makes great money from that also. Another thing about where they’re from, not everything is paid for with money. Alot of things are bartered and traded, another way to aquire things with no money.

    3. Rauchael

      I am not sure how they first got the equipment but Eivin said that he (maybe Atz Lee too) do landscaping and other things in and around town to bring in money. He has also stated that they live off the land as much as they can but the show does not show how they are on grid and not as far away from town as it appears.

  13. MawmawSue

    I’ve seen the Jane Kelchner hit halibut in the head with a hammer so what’s the difference then hitting it in the head and killing it with your fist? It’s far more humane to kill the fish right away either with a hammer shooting it or killing it with your fist then letting it gasp for air until it dies.

  14. Edward

    I really enjoy watching Alaska: The Last Frontier, and watching how the Kilcher’s farm, hunt and live. I’ve been to Alaska many time, and this past year had the wonderful experience of going out by the Homestead. The homestead is only about 10-12 miles outside of Homer Alaska, so it isn’t absolute wilderness area, and the McDonald is only 15 minutes down the road, so I’m absolutely certain they won’t starve to death if they miss that deer. During our visit this year, saw Eve at the local Fitch’s Creek general store/post office/coffee shop, talking on her . Personally, we didn’t bother her because we’re certain she along with the whole Kilcher family get enough disruption in their life – of course the price of being a celebrity. Again, a fun show to watch!

  15. Johnny

    Anyone who thinks that the Browns are the real deal are still probably arguing that Bigfoot exist and the WWE is real. There’s been plenty of articles about the Brown family and the show Alaskan Bush People and articles from people that live in the area. It’s a scripted show if you can’t tell by watching it and if you haven’t been able to figure that out when watching the Alaskan Bush People vs Alaska the last frontier then I guess Bigfoot and WWE are not scripted. The Kilchers are the real deal and it’s so easy to see that. The kids on Bush people as well as the rest are playing characters.

    1. Din

      The Alaskan Bush people is a story on their life based on the book the old man wrote. He agreed to recreate his story for tv. Discovery Channel sells tv so naturally they won’t say its fake as fake dont sell. So yes its not Reality.

  16. shart

    The Kilchers don’t pretend to be anything more than what you see. They have cellphones, computers, etc.They go to the grocery store to buy things they don’t grow. Otto was a Master Mechanic and made a lot of money. The Kilchers aren’t poor. They don’t have to live this lifestyle, they choose to live this lifestyle. They were raised on this homestead and wanted to stay. Many of Otto’s machines, trucks, etc. are over 30 years old. Some were his father’s. You don’t think he buys this stuff new. Not with Otto and Eivin, who is practically as good as his Dad when it comes to machinery, to keep things running. Like the other person said, over the last 30 years he has probably bought, bartered, traded and rescued equipment to have what he has.
    Both Jane and Eve are from Alaska. Eve grew up a very short distance from the Kilcher’s. Eivin and Eve met in grade school. Her family lived very similar to the Kilchers. Jane also grew up in Alaska. She came from an affluent home but lives the way Atz Lee does because she loves him. She likes their lifestyle.
    That other “Alaskan” show doesn’t even compare to this one. I think those people are missing some DNA.

    1. Joy

      I love Alaska The last frontier. You get so attached to everyone. If they really just get paid $15,000 an episode then that sucks!! They probably have no idea what each character on all the other “STUPID” fighting housewives mJe on their shows. Always figured that was why NAT GEO Channel stuck to shows like they do. When was the last time you heard of a litter of kittens argue a contract?? As for the Brown family my decision is still out as to if they are real. Remember the parents are the age of the rebellious hippies and 1000’s ran from the war. If they are for real I pray they have the sense to take more than $10 an episode. I also love ICE LAKE REBELS Been watching 2 seasons now. And LIFE BELOW ZERO for last 3 yrs. All filmed in Alaska. Check those out if you haven’t yet.

  17. Joy

    I just read what I wrote and want to apologize for my comment about running from the war in the 60s. That was an awful thing I said. I have the utmost respect for all who have fought in every war, and respect those who made the chose not to go. Please accept my apology.

    1. Jan Rohme

      That was a very sincere apology and I’m thankful you took the time to do it. Most would not and even if we have differing opinions we can all learn from each other and respect viewpoints because we care about human dignity.

  18. Pamela

    I watch both the alaskan bush people and Alaska the last frontier and respect both families.
    The Browns live the bush life and they are unique people I have much respect for both families.
    I know Billy Brown has wrote several novels and was raised in a upper middle class family until the unfortunate less off his family and he went through some rough yrs before meeting Ami. Billy and Ami decided to move to the Alaskan bush to raise their family.

  19. greg

    I would rather believe in the Kilchers and the Browns than not. These shows elevate one’s spirit, and , hopefully give us a clue if the resources we currently buy and take for granted are not available because of natural or man-made disasters. I really would like to know the origin of all the heavy equipment the Kilcher’s have.

    1. Jessica

      Otto Kilcher has a net worth of $4 million (without help from the show), and I’m sure his bro isnt far behind him. He is a master mechanic and a machinest, and also owns a trade company, hence they own barges, and the homestead and land was acquired and built by their father. And remember, their lives are completely different than the lives we live. Alot of things there are obtained thru bartering and trading. Not always by money.

  20. Joy

    Hi Pamela, Thanks for the info. I Dvd both shows and schedule them as far out in the future as DTV has it scheduled. The other two show I mentioned aren’t on right now. It seems like they come back on when these two take a break. Its going to be hard for the boys to find wives. I wish Bear would cut his hair and the one with those side burns would cut them off. The other guys and the girls are adorable. Noah never ceases to amaze me with his mind. Doubt he will discover the meaning of life but for being home schooled they have all done great. I wonder if they have birth certificates, drivers liscences, etc. What are the names of these books Billy has written? Thanks for any info. Joy

  21. Richardwv

    Those that grow, hunt, and raise much of their own food, and otherwise try to be self sufficient, understand and can identify with the Kilchers. For some strange reason most folks assume you have to be poor without resources to live this way. While undoubtedly true for many, the rural U.S. is full of hard working self sufficient individuals growing their own food, etc…..all while having a substantial balance in their bank accounts. It is a lifestyle choice, not an economic one.
    Regrettably much of Reality TV is indeed scripted. Something I learned firsthand working on “Family Guns”. While I’m sure the Kilchers receive “helpful guidance” from the producer, the events depicted are exactly what I would expect to see with no drama added by the on-screen folks. The hype inserted by voice over narration is another thing. However that isn’t the Kilchers’ doing, it is the producers. I’ve never met the family, but have met a lot of people like them and have little doubt that they are for the most part real, with the caveat that having a camera crew tag along inevitably alters what would happen otherwise. Try stalking game with a cameraman stomping around behind you and see if it doesn’t affect your success rate!

  22. Craig

    I would like to point one thing out about the show and the topic about the equipment that they have/own/use. This show (so to speak of and portrayed on tv) is living off/on the land, and family dynamics. There are MANY parts of their life that is off screen. And I really do mean many. Most of the family that is off camera lives on the homestead. There is a second farm that is never seen on screen, a second sister who runs a B&B, a older sister who runs a B&B and a raspberry something class. They have a living museum that is interwoven with the chamber of commerce. You know the “constructor” ship that he owns/got for free. He did. Otto also owns a shipping & salvage company. He moves stuff around the bay and the outer area for money. He also owns a second ship that looks much better then the one on screen. If you look up his name with the federal DOT, he also owns a trucking company. With all of that going on, I am sure you can see how and where he got all of his “stuff” as he calls it.

    With a total of 11 kids that where born on the homestead back in the stone age, I am sure you can see where all of this money and life style came from. Don’t forget that “Atz” has CD’s for sale and will go to your wedding if you pay him enough. Plus Jewels Kilcher is Atz kid. I heard that she helped launched this show – but I am sure she does not help her father and nor should she at this stage of his life.

    This show is about family, life, and making money off of it all by exploiting TV viewers. I have zero issues with that they are doing, and I wish them the best of luck and riches.

    Most of the issues I have with the show come from the narrator and not the Kilchers themselfs. Nothing is as life and death as they make it seem, but once again that is not the cast – its the narrator.

    Now that I know all of that, I love the show and knowing all this lets me block out all of the B.S. in the show and enjoy the family.

  23. Nancy

    I have never enjoyed a tv show as much as I do Alaska the last frontier. I am 73 years old and can relate to the way of life they have chosen to live. I like Otto for his “tom foolery”. I like Atz Lee for his abilities in hunting. I like Eiven for his tenderness. His love for Eve shows in every aspect of the show. Little Finley is so going to be like his dad. Eiven absolutely loves Finley.
    I love the shows of Jane and Eve fishing for halibut. I also love it when Eiven and Eve are dip net fishing. I also love it when Atz Lee and Jane are fishing from the bank. I love watching all of them fish. I hope this show goes on forever.
    I don’t grow my own food, because I don’t have room on my postage size lot. But I do can and freeze my vegetables for the year. I go to the Amish farm market, such as Eve sells her veggies to, and it is fresh and very reasonable in price. I figure I spend around $100. on veggies and fruits for preserving. Not bad for a whole year. I do have to buy meat.

  24. Linda Roberts

    Alaska The Last Frontier is by far my favorite show on TV. I look forward to watching them every Sunday. Eiven and Eve make the perfect couple. They both work so hard on their farmland to produce a garden. Eiven is so talented and inventive when he made the cart for Eve and Findley for Christmas.
    I’m so happy for them that they now have a daughter. I was wondering why we never see any little girls on the show. Atz Lee and Jane don’t show much of their kids, I wonder why?
    I’m looking forward to the future shows to see Sparrow Rose grow on the homestead with her brother Findley. That will be interesting to watch.

  25. M Bouffard

    We love Alaska : The Last Frontier.
    As a retired teacher, I am pleased to hear an above average vocabulary in most of the family members. Are they readers? I suspect that they are.

  26. gean rice

    I love the shows but could do without the music. Half the time I can’t understand what’s being said because the music is really loud.

      1. Sue D

        I read somewhere that Jane and Atz Lee made a decision to keep their kids off the show. May have been on her Facebook page.

        1. Linda Pemberton

          One posting online said they have 2 daughters. But on one episode Atz Lee took his young son on a hunting trip and trapped rabbits. So where did he come into the picture? Has Atz Lee been married before or just had another child with somebody else before meeting Jane? I grew up on a farm and it’s not an easy lifestyle. You do butcher your own meat/pork/chickens, etc. And you have a big garden and can and preserve. But there are no days off. The cows and chickens have to be fed, etc.

    1. Vinnie D

      Suggestion. Why not read a few post before posting a question like this. Their children and their decision to not have them shown has been discussed several times.

  27. wayne

    although we live in Illinois and not remote Alaska my wife and I bought a small farm and have in the last couple of years began growing and raising much of our own food. some of this has been inspired by alf and other shows and some inspired by prices and healthy eating. we love this show and do not miss it. although we were interested in how they acquired all there stuff we had no idea how much they were worth. you can see though how they keep there money they do much of there own work and live cheaply. kudos to them and please keep this show on.

  28. betty burke

    Dear kilcher family, my name is Betty I live in fryeburg Maine I love your show I watch t over and over am coming to Alaska in June staying until July you’re staying with some friends up there I would love to come to your home. And meet everyone I know unlike everyone else everyone wants to meet you but I don’t know I’m sixty years old and I would just love to meet you guys just I know what it’s like to rough it but not like you guys do he’s so creative I respect you guys for all that you do in a way that you live I hope I get an email back but I probably won’t but I still had to ask if I could come to your home to visit in Alaska thank youSincerely Yours betty

  29. Marc

    We had a farm in OH. Noticed the Kilchers used heavy equipment, too. That, age of farm implements, and extreme weather mean constant maintenance and/or breakdowns–esp. the hay equip. The Ford 8N tractor will run forever. Though, like Otto, I clutch-started ours every so often. Don’t know of any farmers in the Great Lakes region who own a small barge. But Otto has a maritime transport business.

    Early on the homestead was described as land-locked. One may quibble, but the vet and the dog sled lady (to whom the cow that died from a prolapsed uterus was given) both drove to the homestead. The calf birthing throughout was dead on, but we often used a hand winch (come-along). Much easier.

    Several scenes were clearly staged or perhaps things got confusing in post-production. Atz is shown glassing a wolf, then shoots. The image of the wolf being glassed and the wolf shot dead are identical–both are flat on the ground in the distance.

    I cringed when Atz Lee & Jane struggled with a 4-wheeler in the mud. As Jane leans over to push, her scarf is an inch or two from a spinning tire. No Midwestern farm girl would make such a mistake. No jewelry or dangling anything near power machinery. Period.

    In several of the range shots with cattle East of the Fox River, power lines are visible. Thus I suspect living off-grid is volitional.

  30. Kat Goodrich

    I LOVE the Kilcher family.. They are respectful of the animals they kill for food. The Heavy Equipment you “wonder how they can afford all of it”…Well most or ALL of it is Quite old. Probably some is what their father purchased when he left Switzerland, moving to Alaska. They RECYCLE ALL the equipment, tools, nails etc etc…These people waste NOTHING!! I find it quite amazing how they do the stuff they do!! As for the Brown Family, They lived in the city a couple times (EVERYONE) bringing in money, that was saved in order to purchase land/tools/equipment things needed..They also ALL LIVED IN A SMALL APPARTMENT, so most of the money could be saved… I DON’T think they are fake; The Brown family is just as real as the Kilchers’ & they recyle everything they use too. Beating a fish to death,( grant it “Bear” does get carried away) is NO MORE cruel than one of the Kilchers’ shooting a bear/moose etal & having to run after it, track it down & shoot it again because the First shot wasn’t a “KILL SHOT”…There is also a complaint” about the Browns’ ” BITE INTO THE FISH & TAKE A BITE OUT OF IT RAW”. How different is that then SUSHI??? Indians aka Native Americans back in the day, ate fish raw & other animal parts as well (Heart-Liver-Tongue for example).. Personally I WANT the discovery channel to CONTINUE filming & bringing new Episodes for as long as the families will allow them to…The ONLY thing I want to know is what happened to the 2 kids that were living with Jane & Atz Lee’s in the VERY FIRST episode/ Season ONE back in 2011…I am watching it as I type & was surprised to see them as a family of four (as the narrator said)??? Were these Jane’s kids from a former spouse & they ended up not wanting to live in ALASKA anymore?? Or do they just live with their Dad in a town far from the Kilcher family “compound”??? Interesting to find out..I couldn’t even see Janes’ kids on any of the Christmas episodes…Sure would like to know whats up? Are the kids really there or not??

  31. steve

    this is the biggest load shit i have ever watch. why do they make programs like this. funny how much money they seam to have. where the fuck do they get it from. they don’t work but they got all these new truck . gun what a fucking joke

  32. Joe

    Steve…….don’t know if you have a job, but if you do it surely doesn’t require spelling or grammar knowledge. Probably not much knowledge of any kind.

  33. Mary

    I like the show, my husband and I watch it all the time. And I think “city folk”, especially kids, can learn a lot from what it is like to grown your own food, the wilderness, animals, etc.. We have a big garden and it is great to have the fresh veggies… However, I understand that both Atz and Otto are worth a lot of money, in the millions, and it is annoying and makes the views seem gallable, when they are talking about having to catch an elk, deer, etc. to have food for the winter or else it sounds like they might starve, among other things similar.. When most people realize or should realize that they can afford, and do, go to the grocery store and other stores!! Don´t know about the Brown family have not watched that show!!!

  34. Kris

    I absolutely LOVE Alaska The Last Frontier. I feel that show is as close to reality as you will find anywhere on T.V. today. The Bush People are another story and I won’t go badmouthing them, other than to say they aren’t nearly as believable. I’m not going to repeat all that has already been said, but these are the people I am about 95% in agreement with: Mike Beasley on 11-15-15, Kat Goodrich on1-29-16, Johnny on 12-4-15, Shart on 12-8-15, Joy on 12-16-15 and Nancy on 12-19-15.

  35. susan johnson

    Will the discovery channel ever stream the alaskan bush people? When I got rid of cable TV, that was one of my favorite shows I miss watching.

    1. Vinnie D

      You must be “puling” my leg. Have you not read all of the comments above. The Kilcher family is very real and well known in the Homer area. Your ignorance screams!

  36. Janice Block

    I love both shows. Don’t care about how much they are paid. We would really miss both shows. Also, have questions about Jane and Atz Lee.about the children. Please post when The Last Fronier will be on.

  37. Maggie

    I love the show, and the family, but I am friends with Eiven on his personal Facebook account, and he posted pictures of their house. They have a dishwasher, a full indoor bathroom with a beautiful shower, toilet, and marble sink. They have a $2000 washing machine and dryer in their basement, a tv, a satellite, and from his mouth, they have electricity.

  38. John McCain

    I don’t understand why they have to kill poor helpless animals . I like a good steak just as much as the next person , but i go to the store and get mine where they make it instead of killing a cow !

    1. Vinnie D

      Their killing of animals to eat mimics nature. They help take the place, thankfully, of other predators like wolf packs and mountain lions killed by man. They honor every kill by thanking it for it’s life and by eating everything they kill. I’ve been to a lot of stores and have never seen anyone making a steak. Normal, not organic, steak comes from cattle raised in a feedlot crowded together eating corn and soy grains that are cheaper and fed hormones and antibotics to help them fatten for slaughter and keep them from getting sick because cows evolved to eat grass instead of grain. Compare that meal with one from a healthy animal that ran free grazing healthy plants it evolved to eat. I know which meal l would prefer.

  39. Thomas

    My wife and I have been a very close friends with one of the Kilcher siblings for decades. She is the sister of characters Atz, Otto, and others. She is also the aunt of famed singer Jewel, who is Atz’s daughter. We’ve been up to the Kilcher Homestead and it is, in fact, exactly as the show portrays except they do play up the risks a little as the homestead is just minutes away from all the comforts and safety of modern life. All the characters are just like they appear on TV. Otto is exactly like the man you see on TV and has a great sense of humor. They live on a beautiful and enormous piece of property on the Kenai peninsula. The views are spectacular. While sitting in an outhouse my wife witnessed a massive moose walk right in front of the outhouse and just stand there a while. It truly is a wild place. Bears and other dangerous wildlife are regular residents of the property.

    To directly answer a question here. Eve and Atz Lee are very real and they live exactly as shown. I will say that the Discovery crew makes all the cast members park their newer vehicles behind the barn during filming to preserve the wild, living off the land meme.

    The Kilcher family are truly good people. Family patriarch Yule Kilcher and his wife Ruth raised a lot of wonderful children.

  40. sally

    I could care less about machinery,i love the Kilcher family .They respect each other help each other and are very intelligent,i especially like jane shes very musical and has a sense of humor I like. Eve is a wonderful mother and homemaker and Charlotte lets Otto carry on with a smile on her face and laughs with him like they really love and care about each other, The men take good care of their families and are handsome guys (all of them) Atz and Otto are wonderful matriarchs. paid or not its the best show from Alaska, and after that its Life below Zero I love Sue

  41. Devan

    They are filthy rich and the show is pure Hollywood drama, drama, drama. That’s all you need to know, other than once you’ve seen one “we’re living a subsistence lifestyle and could die any second,” episode you’ve seen them all. And yes, Jewel is drop dead gorgeous and beyond filthy rich. There you have it….for $75,000 per episode and a whole lot more in endorsements.

  42. janice

    When will people understand that “reality” shows are “like real life”. We are not flies on their walls. We are not floating in air around these people as they live their lives. They talk to us. There are cameras following them. Most of what they do and say is possible, and probably made more exciting or interesting by the production staff in many ways. We see highlights, we see stories that are pieced together over time or from the past, as well as events as they play out. I watch Alaska-The Last Frontier, Alaska Bush People, Yukon Men, Mountain Men, Survivor, and channel surf thru any many other “reality” shows. The Housewives of ….. Any Town are disgusting, obviously contrived. The rugged lifestyles are more appealing to me. I love the resourcefulness, skills, determination, family togetherness, the choices they make to stay where they are, helping each other, etc. They are living in the 21st century, maintaining ancient life skills alongside electronics, using some of civilization’s offerings while choosing to reside in a more off the grid if not entirely off the grid land. Very sad to realize there are so many Americans who talk and write with such ignorance about the harvesting of animals and vegetation for human consumption. All living things become food. Man eventually becomes food for the earth. It doesn’t matter if the vegetation is chewed off, pulled out or picked or cut. It is killed. Wild animals are not killed by other animals humanely. It is man who has developed the most humane, that is the quickest, most efficient, and painless, processes to catch and kill animals, birds and marine life for food, clothing, tools, etc. We kill to live. Our fruits and vegetables are all dead . Anyway…

  43. Tony Camacho

    I’m addicted to Alaska: The Last Frontier and Life Below Zero, Sue Aikens love her and finally Alaska Bush People! I only watch TV for these shows!
    Incredible mind blowing footage/shots that I somtimes find myself googling “how do they do that”!

    I live in NY by the way.

  44. C. Plumb

    We traveled to Alaska several years ago and asked people in Homer about the Kilchers. If you drive out of town past the winery and pay attention you will see a Kilchers road. We went down it and I’m pretty sure we saw August. The town people say the Kilchers often come into town on Fridays and go to Mc Donaldss. I like them and find their lives very interesting.
    I admire Jane and Atz Lee and their decision to protect their children.

  45. Robert armstrong

    I know people that live in homer and come to az the summer.they have lived there for a long time and know the people in the show and it is as fake as a 3 $ bill.they don’t live on the homestead anymore,they go there to film the show and that all.they have a big new house with modern tolits and everything. Fake show, fake show they should feel something for lying to everyone about this show.

  46. Robert armstrong

    That is another thing about this fake show.where do they get all the gas for things they drive around.where they get the money for fuel for the barge if they can’t afford money to buy food in homers tree grocery stores.

  47. Trillis Duncan

    Seems to me that what most people are forgetting is that programs like “Last Frontier” and “Bush People” are supposed to be for entertainment. So what if they are embellished a bit or a lot? Does it make you forget your own troubles for 60 min or so? As for reality , even if you grow your own garden. you have go to a store to buy your shovel and hoe we can’t all make or forge our own products. If more people were like the Kilchers and recycle their old things, we certainly would have a lot less landfills filled with half used things. So if it isn’t entertaining to you, find your self another program stop grousing or try the OFF button!!

  48. melvinmmel

    This show is stupid you won’t starve drive to homer and buy a friggen burger. These people get firewood with heavy equipment, 4 wheelers, cats, tractors. When I was growing up we got 10_15 cord of wood a year with a pickup, cable,couple of axes and a chain saw. Google earth their place, homer is right there. And they have electricity. Show is a friggen joke

  49. Carol Canoy

    I like the show with the Kilchner family. I don’t care if they are worth no money or millions, they have earned what they have or inherited from their parents. I don’t care, love the show. I also watch Life Below Zero and Port Protection. Alaska is a beautiful place. I used to raise my own vegetables, canned them and actually baked my own bread. But I’m 70 now and lost a leg due to illness, but I still bake my own bread. They are a loving family and I respect them.

  50. Tom

    My favorite part of Alaska:The last Frontier is the relationship between Eivan and Eve. They are both natural and beautiful. Atz Lee and Jane? Not so much.

  51. Dennis Lynch

    The ignorance of some people is unbelievable. This family lives on property that is collectively worth $4 million if you believe internet sites. That doesn’t mean they have $4 million in cash laying around. They farm, they ranch and they fish and hunt for a majority of their food. They also, wait for it….have businesses and jobs! Imagine that, people working for a living! I keep reading comments on here about how they have come by the heavy equipment and several people have asked how they afford gas and diesel to run these things…..those people need to get a life. Would you be happier if they lived 200 miles from Homer? What do they do with the money they earn from their jobs? They go into town and buy groceries, bedding, clothes and the same things that most people buy but they are also able to subsist off of their land. They have also accumulated heavy equipment and machinery over the years. Atz Sr is the father of Jewel. She has a singing career. Just because she makes her own living, some of you assume she supports them. Really, get a clue. Homer has schools. Their children are educated. Some have lived on the homestead all their lives. Some have left and some have returned. I have never heard them once claim that they live entirely off the land, that’s just what the show chooses to air. It doesn’t make for good tv showing Eve shopping for sheets and canning equipment.
    One person actually wrote to the family on here, as if this was the Kilchers personal website, and asked if she could stay with them! Enjoy the show because it shows a hard working, hard living but tight family. It is a good show but remember one thing, learn to separate your personal life from that of a tv show. You can’t go stay with them but they have a sister who owns a B&B in Homer. You can stay there. For a fee.

  52. Kathy

    Before you try to make them look illiterate, they have spelled there sons name correctly. It’s not pronounced ( Eh-vin ) It’s pronounced ( Eye-vin ) Eivin. Tsk, tsk being a reporter and not knowing how to pronounce or spell things before you print your article, and then try to make them
    look bad.

  53. Maria D

    First of all, Eiven is a Nordic name. The Kilchers are Swedish. If you are born in Latin America but your parents are from the United States, should they name you Pablo instead of Paul? You people are so narrowed minded!!! The Kilchers also work very hard besides what you see. Eiven has a Summer Camp for Children where he teaches survival skills. Him and his father work construction for other people. They have Inns within the property for tourist. Otto sings professionally. They are educated. No one in that family wastes time. They make money and hardly spend it because of their self sufficiently. They are not the type to sit around watching tv when there is work to do. Is just their way of life and, good for them!

  54. Pauli V

    I have to say, I love the positive comments on here. I also feel sorry for the people that obviously didn’t bother to read previous threads before throwing in their ignorant two cents. Is it real? Who cares! It’s entertainment. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. My biggest problem with the negativity is that these people are making assumptions about things they know nothing about. The Kilchers don’t claim to be in a survival situation. Think about this: if they don’t catch a deer one year, will they starve? No, but it sucks because it means they’ll have to buy less healthy meat from the store. They don’t do this because they have to, but rather because they want to. Also, OBVIOUSLY they cannot grow bedding, canning goods, candy, etc., so they have to go to the store for certain things (and you can’t blame them if they want the occasional burger from McDonalds!). Money is not the issue here. Some of the ignorant threads criticize them for acting like they’re poor and in dire straits…they are not, and they do not. Survival makes for a good show — the producers do that. You don’t hear the Kilchers talking about starving. They have money and can probably afford most of what they need. Their lifestyle is a choice regardless of money, and one that I commend. I have middle class income and can afford to survive just fine, but I also choose to hunt, keep chickens, and grow produce. Why? Because it’s better for my family! I don’t do it because i’m starving; I do it because I want to….as do the Kilchers. I think it’s a great show. They seem to be a genuine, and a very tight family.

  55. Js

    They make 75000 an episode lucky them but what they gonna buy with it! New four wheelers no, tracker no, homes no, they put it in the ground.

  56. lori mazon

    Am wondering if Charlotte is the biological mother of eiven . Love the Kilchers. How can I vacation in the homestead?

    1. Bmcd

      I don’t think Charlotte is bio mother of Eiven…only of August . But I could be wrong. Love the show.I

      For all the trolls that scream it’s fake.. I’m not sure I care… I like the show and the story of the family. I’ll continue to watch it. If it bothers you so much, what do you watch it? Off switch is always an option

  57. John McDonnell

    I have been watching Alaskan F. At first I was intrigued and bought into the isolation with difficulties overcome. I loved learning about hunting and fishing, growing crops, raising chickens. However with the accident and the earthquake I thought how did help come so quickly. It got me to thinking about when a vehicle breaks down and your man starts hiking alone and in danger there is a film crew with him. As humans we block that out to be entertained. But it kinda spoils it because that reasoning keeps coming back. However I am still hooked. I grew up in the bush of the Rhodesias and this show resonates with me.

  58. Mick

    Happy New Year Kilchners !! Love their show and the last Alaskans also. Bush People are really goofy and scripted. I would love to visit Alaska someday. Eve is a pretty woman and the kids are adorable. Jane looks like truck driver, and us bossy. Otto is very determined and ingenious

  59. Nancy

    To Lori Mazon,December 18,2016 why is it your business if Charlotte is Eivon’s mother ? My God watch the show and enjoy it. Who cares ! Great show, Great families,and they have great friends. I have read all these comments Kudos to all the positive comments on the families and Shame on the Rudest of comments by bitter, lazy, jealous and CRITICAL uneducated people. They need to stay off social media. New season starts tonight can’t wait.

  60. Nancy

    Hey Mick first you mean Kilcher family second yes Eve is very Pretty and Yes so you tell Atz Lee Jr to his face his wife looks like a truck driver. Cowhard hide behind you keypad putting someone down with the stoke of a key, you are just jealous you couldn’t catch a 200lb Halibut

  61. Stephen Deerdoff

    I love the Kilcher family, they are so awesome. They can live in the wild Alaska, with much less of what you have!! I want to see all of you haters try to survive like they do!!! You see them all the time??? NOT TRUE!!! And they ABSOLUTELY would not tell you how much they get! You are hating because you (undoubtedly) don’t have the massive amount of knowledge, and skills that they have to live in the wild, IN ALASKA!!!

  62. Downunder

    I love them all… and Jane is awesome. She cracks me up and is refreshingly honest, as do all the family members. I think Jane and Atz are a great match. They both seem strong characters and they handle each other well. You can’t blame anyone for keeping private about certain things in their life. I’m no celebrity and I’m a very private person when it comes to my child.

  63. Betty massey

    I love the show if you dont like it dont watch it, if some of it is made up so what, i can tell you i would not walk around those cows in knee deep poop that did on one show, they seem to take good care of each other, i just like it because the people seem real, hard working and funny, i just got three watching three episodes, one right after another , they all look like they work hard

  64. Jane

    I enjoy the Kilchers and homestead living and its challenges. I really enjoy Jane and perhaps Atz Lee will figure out that the cabin he keeps saying is “essential” for his healing etc, will be occupied by him…..only. He seems very focused on himself and his needs and looking back over the years, he makes emotional decisions that are not necessarily the right ones. Also as others have mentioned, I wondered who or how his hospitalization got paid for, but it seems that the Kilchers have the kind of money that would have taken care of it. It is interesting to see the aging of the Kilchers and how they are having to decide how to approach the physical work of the homestead now that the children are away or having their own family work to handle. I used to watch the Alaska Bush People until I read their backstory and it seems they are just a backward family trying to make a buck at the expense of the public. It’s America I guess.

  65. Dave

    I have a relative who lives in Homer she told me just yesterday when I commented I liked the Kilcher show that my relative has several condos the film crew rent while they are filming the homestead. she said there is one white table cloth restaurant in the area and Otto and Charlotte have been seen there. Also Jane Kilcher has a job as a school nurse. She see’s her often in the local safeway buying groceries with her large Mark Jacobs purse propped in the baby carrier of the cart.

  66. Johnny

    Comparing the two shows, I don’t view Alaska Bush People(.the Browns).as a reality show, to me it’s more of a off the wall goofy comedy show, and if you remotely believe its anywhere near real, make you a doctor appointment. Now, if you watch just for a good laugh, thats another story. Because it is funny. From Bear rolling and flipping in the woods and howling, to Gabe ( Pork Chop) accent, and his ” impersonations”, lol, to the Flintstones son Bam Bam, what an outfit. They go hunting in leather coats, lol. Now to the Kilchers, at least I think ” most” is on the up & up, Discovery probably spices it up too much with, we’ve got to get that dear or we’ll go hungry, lol. Their Dad, who started the homestead, was a US Seantor from Alaska. They own a 600 acre farm, I doubt they will starve if they don’t get that deer. But, other than Discovery adding to it, the family is very likable, and most of their story real. I wonder since the show started, and all are paid very well, do they still live in the same houses, have they added running water and indoor plumbing??? Do they drive around in new 4×4’s or fancy sport cars now? I couldn’t blame them if so, I would. Anyway, I like Alaska the last frontier, and the Browns are a bunch of Clowns! But, watch if you want a good laugh.

  67. AS

    The Kilchers are very open and friendly. They have no reason to hide their income although I’ve never asked them myself…This is Homer! We are all like a big family. Their life has been down played on tv from what I hear…I don’t watch tv myself and have only seen a couple of short clips from the shows but I know them personaly and have been to their homes. They do have nice homes even before the show began. Many of us have old outhouses and homesteads on our property. This is normal for Alaska. I would not want to be a part of all the anxiety and tention that surrounds them due to the land, money, and numorous meetings that they have every week which often end in termoil. It is detremental to the sanity of the family members not limited to those on the show. They are normal people living normal lives, playing normal music in our local bars, running their businesses, shopping at Safeway and Save U More, eating store bought food and eating at our local restraunts often. There is no glitz and glitter with these guys. They act no differently than you and I. We even speak the same language. So…mystery solved. Doesnt matter what they make. Doesnt matter what they have. They are just genuin normal everyday people with all the same kind of problems we have. God bless them and you too!!!

  68. Claire

    I’ve seen a few people say Otto is worth $4 million. How is he worth that much but had to barter for hernia surgery? I understand people wanting to live authentically to the homesteading way of life, but I would think that would be the exception. I love the show and think it’s awesome that they are all so good at various things and help one another. Eivin is the most impressive!

  69. benny ray

    We grew up pretty poor . We struggled and sacrificed there were 6 of us.I have no problem with the way the k ilchers portray themselves, but I do have a problem with them trying to pretended there broke and struggling day to day when they have thousands of dollars. We didn’t know where our next meal was coming ftom,I just wish they would tell the truth and quit deceiving us.

  70. Vikki

    I love this show, but I find myself wondering where they get all the gas for heavy equipment, 4×4’s and other vehicles. All the chop saws, mig welders, stick welders and cutting torch. As well as the oxygen and acetylene for the cutting torch and gas for the welders. 2 stroke oil for all of their chain saws. Let’s not forget the fuel for the barge and hydraulic oil for all of the equipment. I could go on for hours with my inquiries.

    1. Lisa

      Also know the kilchers run a lumber mill. Some of you for avid watchers really don’t know what your talking about. Yes they make money from show, who cares. Yes they have a lot of equipment that is very old but again who cares. They are true to their nature. Never understand the negative ppl in this world. I would rather live their way then here but it isn’t free anymore.

  71. Brian

    all you people who don’t believe that the Kilchers are real need to get out of your CAVE and learn to enjoy and learn what it really is to live of the land!!!!!!!! Its subsistence people !!!! You should be proud of them because when this world comes to the end and there is NO grocery stores people like the Kilchers who know how to LIVE off the land will your best friends ….ALOHA to the Kilchers We in HAWAII are proud of you..


    my wife & I have been watching the “Alaskan” show now for at least 2 years now & really enjoy it.
    we many times asked the same questions as (“Vikki” last sept.17th. 2017. )now checking on line now for awhile i figure them living not to far away from a town also. yes the Kilchers have a good “gig” going $ like them the best.—— now the “BROWNS”—-they have seemed to be a little strange from the beginning.—-so strange that i cant watch them now.—Bob Harte was a nice guy & will miss him a lot.

  73. Diane

    Jane is my favorite Kilcher. I love it when she comments about the out of date equipment as the Kilcher way especially if it is doen’t run.

  74. Doug

    Back in the mid to late 80’s I worked at the world trade center. On one Saturday I decided to go in downtown NYC (live in NJ) and tour around since it is less crowded on the weekend. I ended up and one of NYc’s oldest bars, McSorley’s Old Ale House. It was a bit crowded for a Saturday but I was there for the same thing.

    I saw an older gent over by the small window table by himself and looked a bit tout of place. Whom am I to say.
    So since there3 was an open seat at his table I asked if I could sit down. He obliged.
    I introduced myself as did he. He said Yule Kilcher. Not knowing who he was I asked if he wanted anything like “beer” since I didn’t have any yet.
    No matter I went up to the bartender and asked for a round. one order was 5 glasses. And while I was at it asked for and order of cheese and liverwurst and onions on crackers.
    So I went back to the table and started a conversation with this stranger.
    After about a few minutes I asked what his name was and where he is from. Yule Kilcher, Sweeden originally but now live in Alaska. I asked what do you do? I’m an explorer. I was intreaged. He looked the part. So for the next three or so hours we talked about his adventures. We had many beers and it seemed a little odd that what he was saying was really true. I kept an open mind and we both had a real good conversation.
    It was time for me to go and we said our good bye’s.
    Years latter (like almost 30) when this show came on the TV the intro shows this guy on a tractor and the announcer mentions Kilcher. Another seen shows the same guy working on some farm and I was like that’s that guy I met at the bar that afternoon.
    I could swear that Yule is the one that I met and conversation about his adventures.

    Not for certain but maybe one of the Kilchers can confirm that Yule was in NYC around the mid to late 80’s.


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