Should You Get an Email Address With Your Law Firm Name?

A question I am often asked is if lawyers, paralegals and other employees of a law firm should get an email address with the law firm name. Instead of having an email address would it be better to have an email address? I have also had to make a decision when it comes to this type of branding of email communication.

Many people that are searching on the Internet will find a branded email address more respected than a simple address. Anyone can sign up for Gmail but not anyone can have a branded email address with a specific law firm. For this reason, I would strongly suggest having all lawyers and attorneys in the law firm use a branded email address for business. When it comes to personal email or email related to non business matters, by all means, get a Gmail or Hotmail address.

Note that most people searching for a lawyer or attorney will likely fill out a contact form anyway. For SEO purposes it does not help a website if there are multiple email addresses with that particular website address. That said, it might be helpful to land some new clients if you brand each of your areas of practice pages with an email at the top, middle and end of the content. Remember that some people do not want to call as they would rather send an email first.

These are some things to consider moving forward. If you have been using a Gmail address for a decade it may be hard to switch over but coming from someone who has done it, I can promise you it is possible. For me, it has been a great way to distinguish between business email and personal email. Almost every web hosting company on the Internet will allow you as many email addresses that you want. Take advantage of these opportunities today as it could help you land a few new clients in the next 12 months.

If you need help creating a new email address for your law firm email me today at I can help you build out your Internet presence by starting with the proper email address. Also, if you are looking for personal injury lawyer SEO or other Google search ranking services feel free to reach out to me.

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